2018 Eurovision Semi 1 Live Thread - Happy Hunger Gaymes!


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I am late to the party and quite surprised. I liked Aze, Belarus and Belgium.
Also enjoyed Albania but never thought that would get through.
And I hate Estonia.
Glad that Austria is in at least.


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Happy for Netta!!!
Thanks to all who voted for her!!! :cheer:
Congrats to Ireland, Austria, Finland and Czech Republic!
Lithuania... :slinkaway :huh:
{{{Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia}}}


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So tonight my friend and I went to see live music (as I mentioned earlier in the thread) and we tried to miss the opening act but the show was running late. As we suffered through this horrible badly singing DJ, I was bitching about how some of the songs from Eurovision earlier today were more interesting.

Later on, a woman came up to us and asked if we were talking about Eurovision earlier. When I said yes, she invited us to a finale party on Sunday (a day late, but still) at a really cool brewery I've been meaning to go back to.

Once again FSU creates possibilities for both real and virtual connections! Thanks--


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Wow, what an evening, so many surprises! I'm really happy for Ireland, Finland and Cyprus. Estonia is so overrated. Lithuania qualifying is another wtf moment for me...

For the first time ever, I feel sorry for Azerbaijan - they qualified with much worse songs (well, they even won with a song significantly inferior to "X My Heart"...). I'm also heartbroken for Belgium, even though I have to admit that Sennek's performance was subpar...

Btw, I was watching the semi with a friend of mine - when Franka from Croatia started singing, I began to hum Sam Brown's "Stop" and my friend responded with Alicia Keys's "Fallin'" - good to know we were not the only ones to notice the similarities :).


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Hi, I'm trying to get back to FSU in a more diligent manner.

Nothing better than Eurovision voids for that :)

There’s a Brazilian representing Latvia (she has a Latvian father). She’s called Laura Rizzotto which sounds more like a dish on an Italian restaurant menu.

Cypriot TV says Estonia's dress cost 63,000 euros? :eek:

There was a GoFundMe for it!

I just heard the Danish commentator say "homosexuality" like 15 times during the lead-in to Ireland.

(I know the reason why--the video for the song--but it seemed really uncanny.)

And now it's obvious since the staging is basically a staged version of the video.

Homosexuality has been compulsory since we voted for it in 2015.

I'm in the U.S. so cant vote. Anyone who votes for Cyprus or Switzerland will be my new favorites.

I think it is obvious that a euro dance team will be skating to "Fuego" next season. :p

:wuzrobbed of it for this season’s Latin SD though. :drama:

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