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    News & Experiences continued

    What exactly constitutes "many people"? Haven't there been only 5 cases of proven reinfection worldwide out of 40 million plus infections? :confused:********-reinfection.html
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    When and how should we open schools?

    I wonder how many have switched to private schools so their kids can go back full time. I skate with a few girls who attend different private schools (both religious and not) and they are 100% in person.
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    2020 Skate Canada International has been cancelled

    I wonder if they considered moving it to a rink outside of the cities? It's not like they need an arena for fans ...
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    Shortages Real and Feared

    The listing for Ball regular mouth has a bunch of recent reviews that says they are fake. :( Typically a box of 12 lids are around $3. Ball has been all over their social media saying they are working on getting jars and lids back in stock in a few weeks. But a lot of gardens are ending now -...
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    Shortages Real and Feared

    Anyone who does home canning of food is going to find themselves out of luck ... the shelves at all the stores I've checked are completely wiped out.*********-canning-is-so-popular-stores-are-running-out-of-jars-and-other-supplies/...
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    Staying positive while positive!

    I had it in mid-March. Couldn't get a diagnostic test at the time and my dr said it was bronchitis (e-visit). I had a positive antibody test from the county department of health in late July. Never had a fever. The worst symptom was a really hard dry cough. I had some crackling in my lungs when...
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    Things I Actually Like About These Times

    It has forced my employer to accommodate working from home, which they were resolutely against previously. I have an office job that is 100% accomplished by phone and email (we service accounts along the entire East coast). They got us tablet computers with monitor setups at home and at the...
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    News & Experiences continued

    I got mine in October before going to Hawaii last year. First year I've ever gotten a flu shot. The lurgi got me in very early March. Antibody test at the end of July was positive. Sigh. My mom told me about an article she read that posited that the lurgi isn't affecting young people as badly...
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    Royalty Thread #13: Zooming in on our favorite royals

    Sleeves are a fine addition to the dress, just ... too puffy :)
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    Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya passed away

    What a terrible tragedy. :wuzrobbed:fragile: Mental health needs to be just as important as physical health. Who is looking out for these kids?
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    Royalty Thread #13: Zooming in on our favorite royals

    The dress is gorgeous and what a nice idea to wear one of the Queen's. She must have had to add the sleeves for church - I would prefer less puffy but they're not bad. The Fringe Tiara is one of my favorites. I didn't realize she's known Edoardo since childhood. Aww.
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    A p*ndemic of plastic

    NY state's plastic bag ban (enacted in March) definitely isn't being followed by most stores. Wegmans, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Target have paper bags, almost every other store I've been to has plastic still. Wegmans sent me a survey the other day about their bulk foods section and safety...
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    USFS announces Alysa Liu's coaching change to Barkell & Nichol in Toronto and Massimo Scali in Oakland, CA

    That's not usually how the story goes. I do hope her new coaches can work on some of her technical deficiencies. Her axel technique is whippy and she tends to flutz.
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    Really, part deux

    Oh wow, I didn't realize she went back to the RSSIF days! I used to access those boards through AOL :lol: @Gerry thank you so much for posting Lee's obituary. She sounds like a wonderful lady. Hugs and love to you, your family and all of Lee's friends. Beautiful tribute icon, well done whoever...
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    News & Experiences continued

    Many/most hairstylists are not employees of a salon but independent contractors. They don't typically qualify for unemployment, though a lot of states have loosened regulations to help more people.
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