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    Technical question: is the Axel directly derived from ballet's Saut de Basque?

    Here is the ballet move: Please discuss.
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    "Ice Scope" by Fuji TV to measure figure skating jumps

    Excellent. Although this will bury Miyahara deep deep down.
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    Genius on duty (Gary Beacom)
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    Landing forwards?

    I'm thinking about the possibility of an axel as a second or third element in a jump combination. Is it physical possible? Does it necessarily requires the skater to land forwards? Are forward landings ever registered? Are those landings against ISU rules? Let me now and let's discuss.
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    World or GPF medal. Which one...

    "Yuri on Ice" has already damaged many minds. :rofl:
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    World or GPF medal. Which one...

    Is this question for real? A world medal... OF COURSE.
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    Wow! Gorgeous style.

    It is gorgeous, indeed.
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    Kimmie Meissner is engaged

    I'm glad for her and wish the best. I used to like Kimmie's skating full of struggle and promise and she had the nerve of steel, clarity and ambition of a champion, without not being fair and equilibrate in her regards. I adored Kimmie, except for that time she took Gold away from Miss Sasha...
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    Wow! Gorgeous style.

    What a great finding: Fumio Igarashi to Tchaikovsky's "R+J".
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    Best Canadian Male of all time?

    Results wise, yep, but (and most of all) talent wise and impact wise, who's the best (or are the best) Canadian male figure skater(s) of all time and why? Don't be obvious, plz. ;)
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    New Figure Skating Drama on Netflix (EDIT: no longer starring Emma Roberts)

    THIS needs to happen for Ryan Murphy's "Feud" upcoming season! :plush:
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    Lutz as a second (or third) part in a combo...

    Why is it that Plushy's 3F as a third jump in a combo doesn't look as weird / unnatural as Dmitriev's flip in his 3Lz+3F?
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    How do we manage to live in a skating world without mandatory spiral sequence?

    Glorious on the left / Unbearable on the right