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    Recurring Dreams/Nightmares

    I occasionally dream that I am in school and that I don't do the work necessary to get to the next grade.
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    The Progressive thread

    Add me to the list of people who didn't have a garbage disposal growing up. I didn't know how they worked until I worked at a job that had one in the staff lounge. It was really embarassing the first time I saw one of my co-workers use it because it scared the crap out of me. I have one in my...
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    Gucci Blackface Sweater

    I doubt it was intentional as well. However, it still doesn't negate the the effect. I wonder how many POC are on Gucci's design and PR teams. I feel like if there was more diversity, maybe someone would have pointed out that this sweater was really bad taste before it ever hit stores. Plus...
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    Gucci Blackface Sweater

    Mods: if this is more appropriate for PI, please move it. I wasn't sure where to put it. Gucci is getting a lot of bad PR for designing a sweater that looks like black face. I don't even know what to say. It's 2019 but this...
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    B.Smith has Alzheimers; her husband is criticized for bringing a girlfriend into the house as a caregiver

    I read the recent story in the NY Times about them. It's so sad. I understand why he has a girlfriend and I don't judge him either. She isn't the same woman he married. He clearly still loves her but she's not the same.
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    NBC Sports Gold figure skating pass - feedback, troubleshooting, pros/cons, etc.

    Thanks! I'll try that. My husband hates setting up or troubleshooting our Rokus.
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    NBC Sports Gold figure skating pass - feedback, troubleshooting, pros/cons, etc.

    The NBC Sports app is buffering so badly on my Roku right now. It's really frustrating.
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    Las Vegas, Nevada to host 2019 Skate America!

    This is awesome news for me! I just moved to Las Vegas. So I can take an Uber to the competition and then go back home afterwards.
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    UPDATED: Guilty verdict in Bill Cosby Case (threads merged)

    Seriously! I hate how the onus to stop sexual assault always falls on the woman. There is never a call for men to change their behavior and their attitudes to women.
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    Threads disappearing

    I'm also having this issue. I tried clearing my cookies and cache but that didn't work.
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    The Shibutanis Thread 4: Ready for Paradise

    Do you all think that the Shibs will take a hit on PCS now that H/D have beat them at Nationals? I like H/D but I really want the Shibs to win a medal in Peyonchang and now I'm worried they've lost the momentum they had at the start of the season.
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    Outside of a Dog, a Book is Man's Best Friend (The Book Thread)

    This is the trend for public libraries right now. The library where I am employed is considering doing the same thing but so far has not. For some librarians, their reasoning is that they want to make the library more egalitarian and not prevent people from using the library because they have...
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    Outside of a Dog, a Book is Man's Best Friend (The Book Thread)

    I read Homegoing last year and I remember liking most of the novel. I think once it got into the 20th century, I found it to be a bit slow and on the nose with its message. But I love the characters and the writing in the first 2/3 of the book. I'm currently reading The Wrong Man by Kate White...
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    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Oh, I'm going to miss it. I'll be driving home from work. Maybe I can borrow it from the library.
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