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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    @MacMadame having researched my relatives from Elis Island records, part of my family members were labeled as Hungarian, Austrian, Serbian and Croatian. The butchering of their names is a separate issue. If your granny said she was Slovakian, she had strong reasons. I'd take her word over...
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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    As a European, I am struggling to understand many of the racial nuances in USA. Very often I find myself not understating why people from mixed racial background are labeled as only black. What I do get is that it is a complicated social issue. That being said, during my stay in Rome I was in...
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    Debate 2, Part 2

    I watch American politicians debate, because there are no debates in Croatia. Apparently we have democracy, but no debates. Plus, idk - I am afraid of whoever becomes president of USA. So I am not sure what Americans want anymore. There seem to be reasonable and sensible people running, but I...
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    Glamour Puss thread: Sephora, I wish I could quit you...

    I will be hunting a new mascara soon. Essence is lovely, but their mascaras (and Catrice) make my eyelashes fall out... Plus I may be starting a new job soon where I will be more than allowed to do my makeup as crazy as I want :D
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    2019 Eurovision Grand Final - Justify My Douze

    I cannot for the goodness sake remember the Netherlands entry. It was with a piano, that is all I remember. However, I agree with the public vote. Norway was fabulous and I am listening to it now.
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    What is Davis and White's legacy in the sport?

    I remember Davis and White as very hardworking and consistent competitors. I liked several of their programs, I loved some of their performances, but would not put them in my top 10 favorite ice dancers. I have respect for their records as competitors and look up to people who do not seem to be...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 17: Just don't screw up like you always do!

    I was really scared for da bossman so I am happy now he is catching up with all the news. Double pregnancies is still the highlight of the off season.
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    Glamour Puss thread: Sephora, I wish I could quit you...

    @once_upon Essence and Catrice are EU brands owned by the same company. Most of their products are made in Europe: Italy, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg.Their limited editions are often made in China. I have been their customer for over 12 years and they have been improving so much and have a wide...
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    Glamour Puss thread: Sephora, I wish I could quit you...

    My lids melt eyeshadow when mixed with water. I had that Kat von d tattoo and it was pretty good for a modest nice thin line and cat eye, but not for the thicker line I am in for hehehe
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    Glamour Puss thread: Sephora, I wish I could quit you...

    Can anybody recc eyeliner that would be perfect for creating 60s eye look? Very black… matte and dry!
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    Olympic governing body 'knows the truth' behind late figure skater's alleged sexual abuse

    Does this cover the behavior of (pairs) skaters at Nationals or is there more I am missing?
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    Hanyu vs Chen PCS

    For a tribute to Plushenko, Hanyu made sure to be as choreography friendly to the Platinum King as possible. :nopryde:
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    Juniors aging out/moving up for 2019-2020

    Don't know if there was a video recording, but I was at the press conference and typing the statements given by skaters. i can check the audio recording later, but I am sure Trusova is going senior (and is very eager to do so), while Scherbakova will likely be doing senior GP and going back to...
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    Juniors aging out/moving up for 2019-2020

    At press conference at Junior Worlds, Trusova said she would be doing Grand Prix (as World Junior champion she will get an invitation), Shcherbakova said she will probably go to Grand Prix, but I am pretty sure she also said she wants to go to Junior Worlds next year so she may be doing a...