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    U.S. Ladies [#30]: Cover Girls

    I am interested in attending this competition because live in the Boston area. Does anybody know how I get tickets? How dói attend? I didn’t find the official website helpful..
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    Russian Ladies news & discussion

    Jonathan did refer to Madison Hubbell as “big” which she is in height. She compliments Zach. Not all ice dancers are petite. Anissina and Peizerat come to mind. There was also the incident in which Doug Haw mentioned on the show if Elizaveta Tuktamysheva lost 5lbs her PCS would go up. They...
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    Fans are really getting out of hand

    I remember that... Didn’t he go by JoeBoKwanAddict or was that another incident?
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    Who has the all-time definitive hooded costume?

    Pasha and Evgeni look like they drank the Kool-Aid. I don’t remember seeing Marina Keilmann as a professional. That program definitely deserves bonus points for the voids.
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    U.S. Ladies [#29]: Skating with Adjusted Vision

    I’ve said from the beginning Liu would likely have one of two paths if she wants a successful career. Either a short meteoric rise where she achieves her goals including an individual medal in Beijing. Or a long career where she fixes her technique and works on skating skills. As a result of her...
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    Unlucky skaters

    Angela Nikodinov- No if’s ands or buts about it. She was visiting relatives in Bulgaria and was unreachable when she was the second alternate for worlds in 98 when both Bobek and Lipinski withdrew. Then being overshadowed by the Baby Ballerinas. She transformed in 2000/2001 thanks to her...
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    Vaytsekhovskaya's interview with Irina Slutskaya

    And by not withdrawing she kept 3 spots for the USA the following season.
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    USFS announces Alysa Liu's coaching change to Barkell & Nichol in Toronto and Massimo Scali in Oakland, CA

    I thought Dave just analyzed how Danny fired Lori. Not Frank? He also used to phrase “Legend has it” I watched the video at 1am so my memory may be foggy. Yes Michelle was an adult when she fired frank. But guess what a lot of young adults are still heavily influenced by there parents. The...
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    Which beloved or highly regarded skaters do you personally NOT love or highly regard??

    There were times when Jenny was with the Scotvolds and it often seemed she was impersonating Nancy! The movements were so similar at times.
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    Really, part deux

    Sending you my thoughts and prayers!
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    Plus who probably filmed the video in the park?
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    I believe it was in an Instagram post or story some time ago when she was plugging PVolve resistance bands. She stated exercising has been hard for her because of her injury. She’s moved onto Pelaton now!
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    That should be interesting to see.. Different.. I like it...
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    Another reason for her retirement is the fact she has two torn hip labrums.
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    Who is robbed most of world title of 2020 b/c of no worlds probably

    I’m actually most saddened for Chock/Bates. I felt this was their best shot for a medal in years. They put so much work in improving.
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