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    Finnish skating news, 2018 onwards's_disease It is a birth defect in which nerves are missing from part of the intestine.
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    Really, part deux

    Good MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure) - when my brother was post transplant in the ICU I used to watch that number like a hawk. Also glad that Lee is off the ventilator!
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    Notorious Boston Mob Boss Whitey Bulger Reportedly Killed in Prison

    FBI statement: Basic facts: More to come . . .
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    Hurricane Florence

    My brother and his family had spent the last 2 years in Chapel Hill, while my brother was getting and recovering from his heart/lung transplants at Duke. They transferred his care last month to one of the Boston area hospitals (doing very well just a long slow recovery for him). With him...
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    Computer Help Here is an article I found about computer mouse and arthritis. It has recommendations that you may find useful.
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    Free dance music ideas for Zagorski/Guerreiro? Can Can music by Offenbach
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    Happy Passover!

    Happy Passover to all who celebrate.
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    My Dad Passed Away

    So sorry for you loss.
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    Update for Windows 10 question (update won't install) It has several possible solutions. I have a list of some of the more common error codes at work and may have a more detailed...
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    Final update on my husband

    So sorry for your loss.
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    Really, part deux

    Happy birthday Lee.
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    Prayers for my Mom

    Many thoughts and prayers are with you. (((Gypsy)))
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    My husband is back in the hospital

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
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    This is for my brother:

    This is for my brother:
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