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  • Not sure if even Jesús can save the thread, but thank you for the rep!
    Thank you dbell. I'm glad you loved the turtle. I hope Daiskuke Takahashi loves it also.
    I chose it for hm because it had a happy smiling contented look & it reminded me of Daiskuke who is often happy & content with his skating perfomances.
    Also the turtle wearing the graduation cap & holding a diploma made me think of Daiskuke when he graduated university.
    It has been a pleasure to connect with you via this forum & all becuase of the turtle.
    I understand turtles symbolize longevity in Japanese culture.
    So long live Daiskuke!!
    A picture of Daiskuke holding the turtle in the K'NC & me giving it to him ended up being put on an author's website blog about skating & me.
    Also the author interviewed Alena Leonova & she also did a great report about Sk. Can. (Mississauga)
    If you are interested in seeing & reading the blogs etc. I will PM the links to you if you PM me.

    Thanks again.
    from yukisnowflake
    quote: Best thing of the night is that cute stuffed turtle.quote]

    Thank you for your post about the cute stuffed turtle I gave Daisuke Takahashi after his FP at 2011 Sk. Can.

    Among the many negative posts about me & my gift giving to the skaters, your post was the bright light that lifted my spirits.

    from yukisnowflake
    Just wanted to thank you for the kind words and well-wishes. I appreciate it so much. Hugs! :)
    Happy Birthday - I hope this year finds the money pit doing well, your mom well and :saint: son enjoying high school. And that you have an awesome year!
    Well, maybe just a little bit, but I got over it quickly, lol! Being both Mormon and from Utah, I've had to learn to take these things with a gain of salt...

    No worries.
    Maybe you just have "bulky" muscles. ;) We'll just have to start calling you Aaaarrrrnaaalld
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