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  • Thank you! I am better but still so sad. Richard went to the vet yesterday and picked up Bandit's ashes in a lovely urn. So...he is "home" now. You are so sweet to write me. I do appreciate it and hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Re rep. So is his brother. His brother went on an Alaskan cruise, and brought back a Palin refridgerator magnet for hubby. I kid you not. He put it on the front of the fridge -- after a couple of weeks I moved it off to the side. :p
    My Dear! I am so terribly sorry for your loss. There are no easy words. All I can do is send you hugs and prayers. Yes, we need a cure NOW. And we need an innoculation! Not just a cure, but a prevention! Take care!
    Hey Chelana! Thanks for thinking of me. The sunburn has eased up a bit and I'm fairly brown as a berry now. I tan pretty easily. But it's hard to leave Sanibel/Captiva...such a beautiful place. Hope you are well too! hugs!
    Thanks so much for the rep! I just got home from a trip to Captiva Island, Florida, where I got realy sunburned on my arms. I smeared some La mer on them, and they were almost immediately better! Mind you, it's too expensive to do this every day! But wow-it really worked!
    But I totally support the Canadian women - they are and they are teaching the men a few things
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