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    2020-21 Canadian Women News & Updates

    G-d help her. Cant be a good place for someone with an eating disorder.
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    Skaters' Signature Programs

    Good minds think alike! Love all of those. I so thank you for Brian's "Story of my Life" I have not seen that before.......I am totally awed by Brian and that story!
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    Royalty Thread #13: Zooming in on our favorite royals

    OK - She could have done without the pearl hair clips. Can everyone say "tone deaf"?
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    Rocket Launch: May 27, 2020

    Thanks for the reply. Actually it is a private venture by SpaceX which is Elon Musk. And, yes, IMO all of it should have been called off. Just like the rest of the world. You will never convince me that this launch and space exploration is an essential service. BTW the NASA budget for this...
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    Rocket Launch: May 27, 2020

    This is a different time and place. JFK was wonderful and exploring space was the next frontier. This is now. This is the earth. We do not have the luxury of Camelot. People are dying. People need jobs. Companies need to have money to open their doors. We need a vaccine. I would like to...
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    Battery life on your kindle?

    Mine lasts.forever.
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    Times your predictions were proved wrong

    Never dreamed in a million years that Sarah Hughes would win the Olympics!
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    Sport24: Aleksandra Trusova leaving Tutberidze for Plushenko

    I saw her land one at her home rink without harness.
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    AGT - Archie - wrongly incarcerated for 37 years!

    You simply will not be the same having watched this video. This man was incarcerated in Louisana for 37 years for a crime he clearly did not commit. The innocence project got him pardoned. He sings a compilation of two Elton John songs. You can see into his soul!
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    The Alcohol Thread

    Almost ANYTHING! (except rum and gin) Chardonnay. Almost frozen Belvedere Vodka. Martini. Mimosa. I am drinking WAY, WAY too much at the moment as I watch my business shrink, my shoulder hurt after surgery, and can't hug my grandchildren. Have you ever noticed while watching TV.....everyone...
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    Rocket Launch: May 27, 2020

    I just want to know WHY!? That launch coats a fortune. Who thinks this is a good use of our resources? :wall: :scream:
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    What does re-opening look like?

    Wow. They did not have that when I was in Catholic school
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    What does re-opening look like?

    What does that look like, exactly. Confessionals are closed in spaces. One goes in, one goes out, one goes in, etc.
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    What does re-opening look like?

    Couldn't church be outside?
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    What does re-opening look like?

    Well, it is not like Catholics can go to confession anyway!:shuffle: It is all a mess.
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