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    U.S. Women [#1]: The Contenders Unmask Themselves

    I suspect people love her and want her to be who she was. But she is not. I don't get what is going on in her brain, or who is encouraging her to keep trying to get somewhere she clearly isn't going.
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    U.S. Women [#1]: The Contenders Unmask Themselves

    Don't be so sure about that. I get molested here all the time! Remember that often it is easier to shoot the messenger than listen and analyze the message.
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    U.S. Women [#1]: The Contenders Unmask Themselves

    Well, maybe she doesn't know what is best. Sometimes it is hard to see clearly what you need. And, wanting is very different from needing.
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    U.S. Women [#1]: The Contenders Unmask Themselves

    Simone and Gracie, IMO, are very different stories. Simone, at the top of her sport, knew that mentally she had to walk away. That is an enormous amount of self-awareness and maturity. What I don't get with Gracie is why is she doing this to herself? It seems clear that she is in the same...
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    2020 OG Gymnastics Thread: The Takedown In Tokyo

    It was a different time and very different circumstances.
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    2020 Tokyo Olympic Games - Day Four (27 July)

    Right you are. It is the back legs with the sox.....not feet....although sometimes the hoof will be lighter. . I had a chestnut horse (sort of red) with four white sox an amazing white blaze down his face. He had chrome! Will Take Charge beautiful horse with chrome.
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    Talk About Extreme Stupidity

    But, but, but...chicken soup is supposed to be a cure-all.
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    Talk About Extreme Stupidity

    Lifetime movie about that ;)
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    2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Opening Ceremony - It's On Like Donkey Kong!

    I just don't get it. The Opening Ceremonies lose millions of dollars always. I get that this is the Olympics. But really is this bow the world wants to use its resources?
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    Royalty Thread #13: Zooming in on our favorite royals

    My gosh...those 3 children are just stinkin cute. I cannot believe George is 8. Who let that happen?
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    Tokyo 2020 controversies thread

    Rogue oysters....which can be lovely to eat in a restaurant...are overwhelming the canoeing or whatever else you do in the open water. Workers began to notice in 2019 that equipment was sinking. The went in and spent over a million dollars to remove 31 metric tons of oysters.
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    U.S. Women [#1]: The Contenders Unmask Themselves

    IMO Isabeau is far from baked. Her stretch and line are maybe a 4 to Sasha's 10. She is cute and can jump....but rough years ahead. Her basic skating skills need work. And she will need those excellent basics as she grows. I would love to bear Uncle Dick call her skate.....several times her...
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    Drugs and Other Dumb Mistakes

    Jaime gets the dumb dumb award. To work as hard as one does in Show Jumping...the training...the horses...finding the right horse.....and then throw away the Olympics for a night of partying! Moron. I may have mentioned before that the vet who takes care of big deal stuff at our barn is the...
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    Space Tourism

    They are not compelled to do anything. Bill and Melinda Gates have a huge foundation. I don't get what the upside of this is....except bragging rights. And right now with businesses (like mine) fighting to make payroll, kids not able to go to school, people sick and scared......they have to...
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    Space Tourism

    You do realize that if NASA is involved taxpayer money is being spent. Our resources are finite. I think they should be better prioritized.
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