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    Alysa Liu cheer/fan thread

    in this case, you are correct.
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    Alysa Liu cheer/fan thread

    Mannnn… I have not seen an improvement from a female skater like this in YEARS. This is almost an Angela Nikodinov/ Papadakis & Cizeron transformation. Outrageously powerful, smooth and unlike most skaters these days, SHE STILL HAS THE JOY OF SKATING!!!! She understood the assignment and she...
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    Carreira/Ponomarenko Need a Cheer Thread

    I don't think that they improved their skating as much as I believe that the choreography showcases the skill better. Igor did not all of a sudden become a bad coach. Igor, needed Marina! Igor is akin to a great architect that is a terrible interior designer. Marina's choreography could be...
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    The Shibutanis Thread 6: Paradise Found

    I agree. It's sort of like how I respected Meryl Davis as an Ice Dancer but got an entirely different appreciation for her during her dancing with the stars stint. She is just flat out a good dancer and that did not always show up when she was skating with Charlie.
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    The Shibutanis Thread 6: Paradise Found

    Am I the only one that really wanted to see these two skate with other partners? Please, spare me the reiteration that they are both pretty decided that each is the best partner for the other- I am aware. My question specifically is if you've ever wondered how they'd look with other partners...
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    Danny O’Shea and Chelsea Liu fan thread!!!!

    I really wish he made this decision years ago but, i am happy that he's made it at all
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    Tarasova/Morozov Cheer Thread

    I agree though, I do not think that she was up to pushing them more than they want to push themselves. At the end of the day, it is what it is with them
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    The Satoko Miyahara fan thread - "This is a start in the true sense"

    I really wish that her technical elements were strong because, her Schindlers List free and this season's Tosca are the only ladies free skates of the past couple years i re-watch.
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    2021-22 Programs and Choreographers

    Yes, he did. While Lori, Jeffrey Buttle, Camerlengo and Shay are more my type( add Zueva for dance and MFD, minus Sam Chouinard) Danny G has propelled the equivalent of chopped liver into mainstream choreography. Morozov was sometimes tacky but I at least understood what i was looking at and, he...
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    Carreira/Ponomarenko Need a Cheer Thread

    I am looking forward to seeing what this team brings! I am happy that they left. Igor is a great technician so they are showing up with technique that Scott is VERY familiar with
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    2021-22 Programs and Choreographers

    I never thought that I would say this; Danny G's choreography is so ghastly that I long for the days of Morozov and Tarasova. I know... I know...
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    Is Michelle Kwan underrated

    i don't believe that she was. I think that for those of us that lived through her first appearance at the Senior Level until now, we have a different standard for excellence than someone who's idol growing up was Adelina Sotnikova, for instance. I appreciated intellectually why Dorothy Hamill...
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    Carreira/Ponomarenko Need a Cheer Thread

    Does anyone know how well integrated Pasquale is? I ask because, i don't recognize the choreography as his. His work was always fresh, interesting, new, light and his athletes seemed to like what they did. When he and Anjelika were working together, they REALLY did stay in their respective...
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    Tennell announces coaching change to Zakrajsek

    This is like me needing to loose weight and going to the buffet. Her already ghastly programs and presentation will get and have gotten , worse.
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