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    News and updates à la Française, part trois

    Cocaine use is so common. I know at least a handful of habitual cocaine users who seem to keep it together except for the constant sniffing part. It is what it is. Many including me have done it while clubbing. I do not personally care for “clean sport”. Athletes are human too and they deserve...
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    Sotnikova did have great skating skills. Better than Kostornaya in some ways (speed and power, for example). People complained about her posture but it never bothered me any.
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    USA making it harder to get "Extraordinary Ability" green cards/visas (multiple Carreira/Ponomarenko references)

    This situation aside I like the idea of Nguyen/Ponomarenko. Also would love to see Kolesnik with somebody else. C/P as a team hasn't produced a decent program for years.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    To be honest I fail to see why “state sponsored” doping is so much worse than “privately motivated” doping...
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    From Russia with Love [#34]: Autumn 2019

    Be real now. Has anyone actually read the lyrics of say, Hallelujah, or Sixteen Tons? Skaters in fancy diamond-studded dresses complaining about "I owe my soul to company store"? Like that's appropriate. If you are gonna start on that train, might as well cancel music for skating altogether.
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    2019/20 ISU Grand Prix Assignments & Alternates thread

    Choi might already have a visa was my point. Tourism, business, all the same. It lasts many years normally. And I thought Yelim Lim trains in Colorado. I guess that's not true anymore.
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    Imamov's interview with Savchenko

    Everyone just copies Papadakis/Cizeron since 2014, including Aliona and Bruno. Has anyone ever heard of the Cinema Orchestra or Enzio Bosso before P/C? Not Aliona Savchenko based on her history. When I think of Savchenko I think Pink Panther. Savchenko/Massot programs are forgettable. Same goes...
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    2019/20 ISU Grand Prix Assignments & Alternates thread

    Most likely Glenn and Choi are the only two who have Chinese visa in hand. Takes a few days to get a visa and that's when you live close to a consulate.
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    U.S. Ladies [#27]: A Time to Reboot

    Gubanova's Nocturnal Animals was such a masterpiece. This music doesn't seem to suit Ting Cui.
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    Nina Mozer: For me, 4th place is akin to complete failure. Interview in Moskow Skater Magazine.

    Is it not the interviewee's job to entertain readers in interviews?
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    From Russia with Love [#33]: Summer 2019

    If you want a kid to succeed you probably want to go the Russian way, but the chance of burnout is high. The American way, burnout rate is lower, cost is much higher, and you might never know whether you are good enough to make it all the way there. In the long run I think the younger generation...
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    Safe Sport Dropping Coughlin Investigation

    Many ways Safesport can be found at fault in this case. Say Coughlin had "sexual misconduct" with a minor when he was 18 or 19 some fifteen years ago, Safesport needs to establish what they found in their investigation to merit an interim suspension. I suspect material evidence is not likely...
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    Safe Sport Dropping Coughlin Investigation

    Sounds to me a lawsuit could be flying toward Safesport. Likely would end up in secret settlement. If Coughlin was 18 or 19 when the incident happened he was probably not a coach then. Safesport has questionable jurisdiction in the matter.
  14. A asks: Does Figure Skating Really Need Age Minimums?

    Age limits are completely arbitrary. Kostornaya is skating with more maturity than most senior ladies out there. If "health" of children is the concern here it's difficulty that should be limited, not age of participating in competitions. And yet no one is comfortable saying only one quad/3A...
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    Coughlin's Safe Sport Status Changed to Interim Suspension

    Look, if the accusations are watertight the "authority" wouldn't have to leak to Brennan. There are many ways of issuing a statement without mentioning the name of accusers. When the Lassar case came out there had been months before the public knew Denhollander's name. If Coughlin was indeed...
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