What is better for an ice skater to use for outdoor exercise, a Jackson inline or a Jackson outdoor quad pair of skates?


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I am an adult ice dancer who would like something to do outdoors. I thought skating in the greenway paved paths would be good. Which would be more comfortable to use?




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I think it really depends on your own body shape and build, and whether you feel more secure on quad skates or inline skates. Is there a sporting goods store near you where you could try on both kinds?


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Never used quad skates, but I have Picskate inlines. I used them for 2 years in the pandemic and they massively screwed with my sense of balance when I went back on the ice. Everything is more or less "back" but I now struggle with some really basic things on one side, which was never the case before.

I thought I was losing my mind, but I've spoken to a few other skaters that have run into a similar issue post-pandemic.

Not to sound alarmist, but definitely a word of caution. I would use them in small doses and be prepared for a readjustment period if you spend any significant amount of time on them.

ETA: I would find a more traditional inline skate if you're looking to just skate on paths. The figure roller seems to be best suited to a rink environment, but that was my experience. Also, wear protective gear! I learned that the hard way.

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Quads have a very different feeling to inlines. You cannot get the same lean on quads that you would on a single blade.

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