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Elena Vaytsekhovskaya's interview with Aljona Savchenko for

The collaboration of the well known Swiss Art on Ice with Aljona Savchenko began many years ago. She used to participate the shows with her previous partner Robin Szelkowy and her current - Brono Massot. But this time she had to miss the shows in Zurich, Davos, Bazel and Lozanne. Only a couple of days earlier there was an info she wants to come back and participate the 2022 Olympics.
To my question whether it was real Aljona laughed:
AS: Bruno and I certainly didn't make any announcements. And not going to for now. There are still 2 years till the Olympics.

EV: How long do you need to get prepared for the Olympics?
AS: Well.. two years would be enough.

EV: Are you and Bruno practicing now?
AS: We really only started skating together again a couple of weeks ago. We want to be ready for the Holiday on Ice show 9/2 in Hamburg. It will be the only show.

EV: I got to hear many times your partner is not eager to go back competing.
AS: Perhaps Bruno would be more willing if we had sponsors and his coach JF Ballester was alive. On the other hand there is no hurry. Let things flow.

EV: Have you considered where you could find the sponsors? What should you start the preparations form should you decide to come back?
AS: Well, not yet. I mean yes. First we would need to go back to full time practicing and see how that goes. We haven't really skated yet after my pregnancy and birth. First I have to recover completely. This is what I'm working on now.

EV: Is it tough?
AS: It's not easy. I never had to undergo a surgery before, so I have to get used to things from the scratch. We were not planing on a csection, but it happened that things did not go the way the doctors assumed and the kid had to be taken out fast, hence I ended up with a csecion. All these feelings of this hurts and that hurts are really new for me. My hip bones moved a bit, which also causes a certain discomfort and takes time to heal.

EV: You feel your body that closely?
AS: Yes. First of all my size have changed. In real life there was no discomfort, but once I started skating again I learned some steps and moves were painful. It was hard to put my legs together, to spin, I won't even mention the spread eagles. I had that feeling as if my hip bones were no at the right place.

EV: Are you physically recovered enough to hold a full time practice and not die in the middle?
AS: I haven't yet started running - just walked with the pushchair. In Oberstdorf there are enough routes to walk. I was running a bit on the treadmill, but not too much. I still breastfeed and sports influences the quality of the milk - my daughter objects.

EV: Do you follow the figure skating competitions?
AS: A bit

EV: I.e. you probably saw all who compete in pairs pretty much gave up the ultra c elements.
AS: It's rather upsetting - you know me, I would love to do the ultraC, I always did. But the common sense takes over: if it's not scored as high and the quality is more important you'd have to play by those rules. Though when I watch it now from the site a lot of things seem ambigious. There were cases when one judge would put a +5 while the other gave +3 for the same element. How does it happen? I.e. one person didn't like the element and another thought it was great?

EV: Which elements do you and Bruno plan recovering by Hamburg?
AS: We already performed a split twist and the throws. All the stuff we usually would do in the shows.

EV: As far as I can understand from the media your partner is quite actively coaching.
AS: That's right. I think he likes it a lot. When JF Bellester was alive they were planning to work together after the Olympics - to open a pairs school in Switzerland. When we finished that season Bruno indeed moved from Oberstdorf to La Chaux-de-Fonds as he was planning. He kept working there when Ballester was gone. Now Bruno is moving to Biel. So there is a lot of unknown right now.

EV: Do you have any show offers lined up?
AS: We were supposed to take part in the current Art on Ice - it's owner Olivier Honer really wanted us to, because this year is the 25's anniversary and Oliver is also our manager. Just that when we were planning all that we couldn't predict we'll only start skating now. So we decided not to take a risk and not show up unprepared. Perhaps we'll participate something in Korea or Japan, but right now it's still undecided.

EV: You once said show is nowhere near as fun as a competition.
AS: I would love to compete now. On the other hand show really allows the skater to understand retiring from the sport does not mean your life is over. Besides, in the shows you may do something you would never imagine doing during a competition.

EV: Do you plan moving from Oberstorf in the near future?
AS: We are waiting.

EV: For what?
AS: You do want to hear me saying what am not yet willing to talk about, do you? For now we don't plan anything. We are waiting for our daughter to grow up - she is just 5 months old. We don't own a place in Oberstdorf, we rent, hence if we want to move one day it won't be a problem.

EV: And you don't plan settling in here?
AS: It would be too expensive in Oberstdorf. But if we do decide to stay here we'll start thinking about that.

EV: What does your husband think of your plans?
AS: Also nothing, because no plans were voiced. But I know one thing for sure: no matter whether I decide to compete or be a stay at home mom Liam will always support me.

EV: If you decide to come back competing will Bruno come back to Oberstdorf or will you move to Biel?
AS: We'll move to Biel. Oberstdorf has all it takes to practice, but Bruno settled down in Switzerland where he was given an opportunity not only to skate, but to coach. It's also important that living in the north is more convenient for his wife - it's a French speaking canton.
At the time Bruno moved to Germany because of me and we were preparing to the Olympics in Oberstdorf. It was then we decided should we try it again it will be my turn to move to his country. It would only be fair.

EV: Do you speak French?
AS: I will if I have to. I understand quite a lot and can figure what the conversation is about. Besides, I learn fast.

EV: After spending so many years travelling are you bored being home?
AS: The opposite, I love it. I'm happy I can afford for the first time in 30 years not to think of anything but my family. To be with my daughter, do some domestic stuff.

EV: Cook?
AS: Liam is the current family cook. When I was expecting I was cooking quite a lot and enjoying it. Now I am quite busy as it is.

EV: Have you bought your daughter a pair of ice skates?
AS: No. First there is a right time for everything. Second it should be a personal choice. Her choice, not mine.

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