The 2020 World Championships Begin


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The ISU have decided not to reorganise the 2020 World Championships for a later date. Instead, they have commissioned Big Data Analytic Solutions, a firm of leading data scientists, to decide the official outcome of each event using their supercomputer, SQUAWKA. The computer benefits from the latest in artificial intelligence, and has previously been used for highly compute-intensive tasks such as quantum physics, weather forecasting, climate research, oil and gas exploration, molecular modeling, and physical simulations.

The ladies event has already been determined by SQUAWKA and Nicole Schott is the new world Champion. Maé-Bérénice Méité took the silver, and Natasha McKay the bronze. Upon learning of her triumph, Schott stated: “forget about all these silly Russian girls and their here today gone tomorrow quads. It’s all about artistry, and in that department, I’m second to none.”

The men’s event will be determined tomorrow, along with the pairs, and the ice dance the day after.

The full announcement from the ISU can be read here


The men’s result is in gold shoma uno, silver Kevin aymoz and bronze Daniel grassl, both Nathan chan and yuzuru Hanyu 1st And 2nd after short had to WD after the short program as they both had to self isolate according to the press.

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