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Hey guys! I know a lot of people like skating fanfics, so I'm going to share one I wrote.

For the past couple months, I've been working hard on a fanfic called "Perfect Storm". I want to make it a trilogy, and this is the first installment. It's 21 chapters long so be forewarned, and also the names are tweaked to protect the skaters' identities (although I think we'll all know secretly).

Before you read, know that there are some intense fight scenes and one sort of naughty moment...but most of the posters on here are over 13 so it shouldn't be a problem :) Also, a lot of it is about Stolbova/Klimov just FYI.

If you choose to put yourself through all 21 chapters, please comment; I want your honest feedback (and I know skating fans never hold back on their opinions, so share freely!)

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