KASSOU-YA A new concept show produced and directed by Daisuke Takahashi | Fukuoka, Feb 10-12, 2024


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For this show Daisuke wanted only Japanese skaters, not yet famous, and he went to sectionals to scout some of them.

What is a "Kassou-ya ?

Daisuke Takahashi, who retired from active duty last season, will be returning to Fukuoka with a new show produced by himself!
75 minutes of non-stop, turbulent skating where the skaters show off their craftsmanship!

We invite you to a new world.

Also, Takahashi's new solo number, his first in four years (choreo by Pasquale Camerlengo), will be unveiled for the first time!
Please come and enjoy the ultimate ice entertainment at the "Kassou-ya" gathered in Fukuoka.

Performers (planned)
  • Daisuke Takahashi
  • Kana Muramoto
  • Kanako Murakami
  • Kazuki Tomono
  • Sota Yamamoto
  • Koshiro Shimada
  • Sena Miyake
  • Yuna Aoki
  • Mitsuto Oshima
  • Kazuki Kushida
  • Keijo Kadowaki
  • Yuto Kishina
  • Kazuki Hasegawa
  • Haruya Sasaki
  • Ryodai Kitamura
  • Seiya Tsuboi
  • Hayaya Matsuoka
  • Ryuo Kikuchi
  • Saki Miyake
  • Maria Egawa
  • Yurina Okuno
  • Moa Iwano
February 10-12, 2024
Three performances daily

The show lasts 75 minutes only, and Daisuke wanted to keep ticket prices very low, in order to promote figure skating even to people who are not familiar with ice shows.
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Kana Muramoto's solo number

Sena Miyake

Cry Me A River (Group Number)

Dai's Flame to the Moth (day 2, 3rd show)

Kazuki Tomono
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An interesting article about "Kassouya"

[Machine translation]
His own salary has been drastically reduced, and producer Daisuke Takahashi is prepared for it... What was so groundbreaking about the ice show "Kassouya"? People involved also have expressions that they are seeing for the first time (Akiko Tamura)

The ice show ``Kassouya'' produced by Daisuke Takahashi, who retired from competitive activities in May of last year, was held from February 10th to 12th at Ovision Ice Arena Fukuoka in Fukuoka City.

 In the sense that Takahashi himself handled everything from song selection to casting, it can be said that this year's ``Kassouya'' is his true debut as a producer/creator. The 75-minute, three-performance performance in one day without an intermission was unusual, but it was a shocking ice show that shattered the conventional concept of ice shows from every angle and showed Daisuke Takahashi's determination as a producer.

| Takahashi drastically reduced his salary...

 Ice shows originally started out as `family entertainment that everyone from adults to children could enjoy,'' such as `Holiday on Ice.''

 Recently, ice shows have become mainstream for hardcore figure skating fans whose ticket prices are too expensive for families to see. These events are usually held in the form of a gala performance, where top athletes take turns presenting their programs, similar to a medalist exhibition at a tournament. In Japan, where the number of ice shows has increased, it is no exaggeration to say that ticket sales are determined by how many famous athletes appear.

 However, `Kassouya' which began preparations in October, is neither a conventional `family entertainment'' nor a show that relies on the number of star athletes.

 In order to produce this show, Takahashi reportedly offered to significantly reduce his salary. The reason we kept ticket prices low and held three 75-minute shows a day without an intermission was to reach as many people as possible. Rather than inviting any overseas skaters, they chose the name ``Kassouya'' to have all the skaters be Japanese skaters.

| "I don't remember ever seeing Daisuke look so stern."

 Of course, most of the audience who bought tickets were undoubtedly Takahashi's fans, and in addition to him, internationally active top skaters such as Kana Muramoto, Sota Yamamoto, and Kazuki Tomono also performed. However, at the same time, the 14 ensemble skaters include Kosho Oshima and Kazuki Kushida, as well as young players whose names are not well known yet and have competed in All Japan Junior and National High School Championships. Takahashi himself went to the competitions and personally selected the skaters with a sense of speed.

 The reason we chose young people who were experiencing ice shows for the first time was with the intention of nurturing the next generation. However, it was Takahashi's skill as a producer that allowed him to present the film as a ``completed work'' without making the audience feel this at all.

 A source who was watching the rehearsal said, `I don't remember ever seeing Daisuke look so stern.'' He said, `I got the impression that he was pushing himself as hard as he could.''

| A startling start

 The hall becomes dark and the sound of a bell echoes. The opening session began with the theme song from the sci-fi horror drama series ``Stranger Things.'' Skaters dressed in black appeared one by one in the dim lighting.

The skaters are dressed in Matrix-style black coats, all wearing black eye masks reminiscent of the Venetian carnival. As expected, I could tell from Takahashi's movements, but I couldn't really tell who was who from the others. This means that the young performers are not inferior to others and are firmly making the choreography their own.

 From now on, the "unknown world" begins. It was an exciting opening that gave me such a feeling.

Five other songs are used in the opening number alone, including Klergy's "Hide and Seek" and Powerhouse's "Furioso." It was 14 minutes that made my heart beat faster as I watched it.

 The choreography was done by Yuma Suzuki, a former member of the Shiki Theater Company, who worked with him on ``Hyoen,'' and Takahashi adapted the movements on ice.

 In terms of individual programs, this time there will be no ice dance performances by KanaDai, only solo singles. Takahashi danced with even more sharpness than usual in Sota Yamamoto's "Teeth," Sena Miyake's "Engraving," Kanako Murakami's "Fire, Physical," Kazuki Tomono's "Halston," and more. It must be the result of rigorous training.

| The highlight is the fun of the group numbers

In "Figure 8," choreographed by dancer/choreographer Sarry, Kana Muramoto' performed a bewitching and sexy solo dance. Takahashi's ``Flame to the Moth'' choreographed by Pasquale Camerlengo was truly worth watching, with his presence so strong that you couldn't take your eyes off him even for a moment.

 However, the highlight of ``Kassouya'' is not the star's solo performance, but the fun of the group numbers. There wasn't a single piece that interrupted the fantastical atmosphere of the whole thing, and without any announcements, the group number suddenly transitioned into a solo song as if in a dream.

 Bizet's ``Habanera,'' which everyone knows, has a somber guitar arrangement by Marcin, a unique guitarist from Poland. For the four-man group number, Tomono replaced Koshiro Shimada, who was absent due to influenza, and Yamamoto, Miyake, Tomono, and finally Takahashi joined in. The black flamenco dance performed by the four men was spectacular.

| Takahashi's determination made the 75 minutes seem to fly by in the blink of an eye

Takahashi's song selection is also interesting. Rather than the familiar pop music that has been commonly used at ice shows up until now, music such as Ethan Bortnick, who has evolved from a piano genius to alternative music, the electronic music of Kraddy, and the progressive metal of Pain of Salvation, etc. , a heavy, dark, and tense song that unifies the overall tone.

 It was a complete show that clearly laid out the overall concept, rather than a collection of things.

 75 minutes went by in a blink of an eye. I've been to many ice shows around the world, but this is the first one that made me want to watch it all over again as soon as it was over.

 Especially for young people, this experience will be a treasure for a lifetime. Even if he cannot skate in the future, he will continue to create something interesting as a producer. I could see Takahashi's determination as a ``slide expert.''

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