How To Save Money On Figure Skating?


@overedge posted the link to Morgan Matthews' latest blog post ( in another her writings thread and wrote "All of her suggestions are excellent, but this one is especially important IMO.":
Coaches at many elite training centers will recommend that skaters take several hours of lessons a day from a range of spin, jump, edge, and off-ice specialists in addition to themselves. For most skaters this is absurd. It leaves a skater with no time to practice what they’ve learned and explore the sport for themselves. It leaves young skaters with so many tips and corrections floating around in their heads that they cannot skate for joy. And it robs a skater of the opportunity to learn self correction.
I thought this topic could be its own general discussion thread in GSD?


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Morgan also suggests delaying private lessons until the skater has acquired basic skills and shows interest in learning more. I totally agree with this. Yes, there is less individual attention in group lessons, but skaters can still learn a lot in group lessons.

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