ESPN column: How can an international sport need a costume?


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^I've seen that Price of Gold one (we get ESPN here on our pay TV network). I thought there was a lot of "blame everyone else except myself" going on, but it's clear she did have a pretty shitty childhood. I came out of it not at all convinced that she had nothing to do with "the whack".

I always got the impression that it was probably a bit like Weir - that there was no doubt the USFS probably said or did some shitty things, but that the skater themselves had to shoulder a fair amount of blame too.

Off topic: have you seen the 30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men? I really got into that episode, and it broke my heart. History only remembers the winners.


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I read some of the comments. It seems he may have based some of his opinions on the movie I, Tonya. LOL. He also got grilled for misspelling Meryl Davis's first name as Maryl. Sounds like he didn't put any work at all in writing the article. However, he is getting a lot of clicks. Controversial articles often get more attention than regular ones.

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