Calling from the Netherlands, 12 points so far ...


Fetchez la vache... mais fetchez la vache !
Hello to you all, lovely FSUers,

I've been very busy the past few months worrying about making an impossible move in time of **** ***** where one doesn't know if the airlines and embassies of this world would ever work again to plan a move to the Netherlands. Never thought we would be able to go through with it yet we finally arrived here safe and sound with our cat no less last Friday.
So far so good, excellent people, very relaxed, so organised and lots of greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen (coming from a dry high plateau in middle Anatolia).
So next, to my beloved FSUers out there who know or even maybe live in the Netherlands, please fire away with any interesting, useful, deadly vital bits of info you have about this lovely place. I want to know it all.
But before anythingelse, I'll try to plan on going to the Eurovision in Rotterdam if possible :cheer2:

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