2016 NCAA Gymnastics


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It was nice to see Georgia back in Super Six action, but man, they have a ways to go to be competitive. Floor in particular stood out and not in a good way. Yoculan may have given her girls cheesy floor routines sometimes, but young women like Stack and Tolnay sold the hell out of them. This current group had the standard NCAA bombastic music, but generic choreography and not-quite-there presentation. Lots to work on there!

I'm not sure why floor was subpar both days at Nationals but they were capable of doing really good work on floor when they were on. In particular, I remember being super impressed with them on floor in the meet where they beat Florida...they'd counted a fall on beam as usual but came back with one of the best performances on floor I'd seen from any team this year. Maybe they need to miss beam to really nail floor? On the presentation, I think it's kind of a mixed bag. Brandy Jay seems like a lovely person but her floor presentation does nothing for me, but I lurve Mary Beth Box's routine, cheesy as it may be, and I think she sells the hell out of it.


A petition has been been started to get a gymnastics program at Mississippi State. The school is currently non-compliant with Title IX and adding gymnastics would help with that. From the description in the petition, it seems as though the school is not turning down the idea of adding the sport, and the purpose of the petition is to generate public support. I'm all for more schools starting up programs, so I've gladly signed!



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That would be great but adding gymnastics is extremely expensive so I doubt they add that sport to get in compliance. You have to have a training facility plus all the equipment. If your facility is not nice enough and doesn't have the equipment needed then no one will come to your school and you are left with the gymnasts who couldn't get on other teams which means your program eventually gets dropped anyway. Very hard to start womens gymnastics programs these days but Arkansas managed to do it and they were successful very quickly.

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