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  1. CantALoop

    Interesting "facts" on Peacock's athlete bios

    I also posted this in the Nathan Chen thread, but the more I look at the athletes' bios on the 'cocktv's website, there are a lot of interesting facts. For example, did you know? Mariah Bell has been dating Romain Ponsart since 2015? (oh wait, nvm :( ) Nathan Chen is not married, but has been...
  2. N

    Nathan Chen thinks it's hard being a straight male figure skater in a "homosexual-dominated sport" I was crestfallen to learn that our sport's undefeated champion endorses toxic and demeaning stereotypes of male figure skaters. The interview was initially removed from Youtube, and only after it was discovered...
  3. Bellanca

    How much is too much?

    I had been at Jackie Wong’s website to see what he had going on, and I was reading some Twitter content from followers or people who happened upon his site, and they had this exchange:
  4. brennele

    Are we spending enough time to mentally prepare our athletes?

    I posted some of this content on a Nathan Chen thread but I think it is important enough to warrant a discussion in its own right. I have a gut feeling that some of the eastern countries, esp the Asian countries, provide their athletes with training in these finer arts of self-mind mastery. It...
  5. CantALoop

    Which US men would you have sent to the Olympics?

    The debate in other threads seems to be at the point where everyone's already got their opinion and people are repeating themselves. Since the decision has already been made by the USFSA and in everyone else's mind, let's settle this: Which 3 US men would you have selected to be on the...
  6. A.H.Black

    Figure Skating’s Leading Man, Nathan Chen Has One Title .... : Little Brother Thought it deserved its own thread. Really Good picture
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