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    Because of the current situation with the outbreak, will the rules for pairs, ice dancing and synchronized skating change?

    Will this discipline have to wear masks, gloves and not be closer than 6 feet apart? What happens to lifts and throw jumps? Remember in some communities, being closer than 6 feet to someone in public is considered a crime. Therefore, these disciplines may go away. What do you think?
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    BuzzFeed News crunched the numbers and showed judges prefer skaters from home countries

    How Figure Skating Judges May Have Shaped The Olympic Podium An analysis by BuzzFeed News shows that judges displayed a strong preference for skaters from the same country at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and that it may have made a difference in a gold medal finish...
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    Past Scores Reveal Stark Split in Ice Dance Judging

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/johntemplon/in-bitter-ice-dancing-rivalry-judges-favor-their-own?utm_term=.bgN44yeQJ#.xnQeeOjAa Another good analysis from BuzzFeed that underscores how political Ice Dance judging can be. I did take exception to them saying that Bobrova/Soloviev were the favorites for...
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    Judging question....

    If someone fell on the ice right before they were about to skate a program before the music started, or after the program was over and the skater fell on the ice as he or she was about to leave the ice, would a judge take a 1.0 deduction for a fall in either case?
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