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    From Russia with Love [#31]: Winter to Spring 2019

    He might have been 10 years ago In the mens maybe but the ladies??? I doubt it.
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    Concentration camps for gay men in Chechnya

    The Canadian government has been granting political asylum to gay people from Chechnya since 2017, thanks mostly to the Toronto-based Rainbow Railroad. Check it out.
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    Ted Barton interviews Eteri Tutberidze

    The speaker's issues are selective, subjective and do not come from the right place. Well, I guess it takes one to know one, doesn't it? Two wrongs don't make a right.
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    Elizaveta Tuktamysheva Cheer Thread

    Actually she posted an hilarious interview of sorts with Nathan Chen.
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    Boikova-Kozlovski Cheer thread

    I, too, have followed this pair since they were juniors and am very pleased to see how they have progressed. I look forward to their continued development. In a strong field of competitors at Skate Canada, they really stood out.
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    Ksenia Stolbova has a new partner?

    Ksenia and Andrei. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere.Saw it on VK this morning.
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    Bob Woodward book “Fear” there has been an unofficial coup

    All criticized the use of anonymous sources; Woodward uses a combination of on- and off-the-record sources. And throughout his almost 50-year career his reporting has always been proven to be accurate. Yes, there have been instances where he got minor details wrong but, in the main, Woodward...
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    Bob Woodward book “Fear” there has been an unofficial coup

    This is Woodwards's 8th book about the inner workings of an American presidency, all his books have sold well, and almost all have sparked controversy within the administrations he was profiling. Neither the Obama nor Clinton administrations were happy with the books Woodward wrote about them...
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    From Russia with love [#29]: Spring 2018 and beyond

    Everyone is saying how great Moskvina is, and she did have a great results in the past, but it also doesn’t work for everyone. For example, I didn’t see much improvement in Efimova/Korovin who have been skating with Moskvina for a year. Mosknina also didn’t help much to Shevchenko/Bich, who...
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    Who were the greatest pro skaters of all time.

    I would add Renna Roca and Gorsha Sur.
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    Who Was the Best Television Character of All Time?

    I am partial to TV series starring strong female leads. 1) Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren)-Prime Suspect. 2) Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski)-The Good Wife 3) Mary Beth Lacey(Tyne Daley)-Cagney and Lacey 4) Christine Cagney (Sharon Gless)-Cagney and Lacey 5) Nicollette Grant (Chloe Sevigny)-Big...
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    From Russia with love [#29]: Spring 2018 and beyond

    He talks about his junior teams as well. I read the interview in Google translate.
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    From Russia with love [#29]: Spring 2018 and beyond

    Interview with Alexei Sokolov. Says training conditions for skating have much improved in St. Petersburg; sings praises of former partner Julia Obertas.
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    Racial Profiling & Related Matters (Non-Lethal Version)

    The police surveillance of Memphis activists during the civil rights era coincides with the FBI's COINTELPRO program which involved surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations. Last year, the FBI announced a program to crack down on what it termed...
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