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    Which beloved or highly regarded skaters do you personally NOT love or highly regard??

    Zagitova. I did not really like her programs during Olympics and they were actually her best. The Carmen and POTO were messy. This season's program... meh. Cluttered with pointless transitions as ever. There is this transition that looks like she was smelling/checking out her knee. Plus, it...
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    Interview with Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

    So apparently now, having typically slavic curves, is anti-Russian according to Tinami. I mean, which would mean that Alina is teethering one kilo over the anti-Russian traitor territory... I mean, typical Slavic women... are somewhat curvy. And nothing wrong with that. People need to get...
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    Sport24: Aleksandra Trusova leaving Tutberidze for Plushenko

    Well, Eteri certainly deserves to be trolled by Sasha after she made her perform as a troll during step sequence on her short program... (seriously, you have a girl about whom people say she is boyish in her skating... instead of making her athleticism shine... she got to be TROLL in ugly...
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    She didn't said she does not want to learn quad... just she would have to lose weight for it. But from WHERE? Śure, she could close her mouth and not eat, not drink water and other nonsense she spouted... but under Eteri, she will never learn quad, unless she is willing to starve and break her...
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    What are your favourite lesser-known / obscure skaters?

    Oh I remember her too.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    They did get a warning and what they do? Go and dope in CURLING. If you dope in CURLING, there is no reason to believe you are above doping in figure skating. Then there is covering up things again. HOnestly, I agree with full ban. Last time Zhenya was sent to cry for the Olympic committee...
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    Speaking of Shulepov... he wins the worst costume ever award.
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    From Russia with Love [#34]: Autumn 2019

    I mean Zagitova said she has no friends and prefers animals and spent lot of time talking about her dog to the point of awkward. It does not seem she is super outgoing. Nothing wrong with being an introvert either. Not sure why are some trying to blame things for Alina not being super duper...
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    From Russia with Love [#34]: Autumn 2019

    Lol that is going to be one goofy movie... Imho she got the role because of her name... not many people would go watch movie about a dog, but film with olympian? It is gonna bring in larger audience. Good for her though.
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    SkatingScores Fantasy Grand Prix

    Playing. This is pretty cool but i gotten lots of my prediczions on ladirs wrong.... but then.... who woulda thought?
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    U.S. Ladies [#27]: A Time to Reboot

    I really admire Starr, I wish she learned how to fix her mistakes, so she can get ahead. It would be wonderful to see her at worlds....
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    From Russia with Love [#34]: Autumn 2019

    Liza seems sassy and fun, but may she is not just good at small talk? It must kinda awkward being around person whom you would probably never hang out with in real life, so if there are some real friends around, it's natural she'd gravitate to them.
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    From Russia with Love [#34]: Autumn 2019

    Well, people acted like Alina and Evgenia were best friends, because it seems like such a nice narrative. The only thing I got from the video is laughing at Aljona skating around with her goodie back, because they told them to stay on ice and she did not put it away in time like Liza did. What...
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    Figure Skating Books You Can't Wait to Read

    Bring no flowers by Evgenia Medvedeva Say my name, say it right by Loena Hendrickx 50 catsuits by Vanessa James All good jumps come in small packages by Satoko Miyahara
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