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    Mariah Bell cheer thread: Rise Up

    Congrats to Mariah Bell on her 1st Skate America victory today!
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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    You know what - let's see which skaters DO skate all roided up. All of a sudden we'll have a no-name skater from Antarctica win the competition hands down. People will debate, get angry, clap back at each other and I will be hugely entertained watching the YouTube video reviews and posts here...
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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    LOL - They SHOULD do a test event like a mini-Worlds inviting 2 skaters from each country. Let's have a large panel of international judges. The results will be shocking. There will be heated debate on FSU, The Skating Lesson, Patrick and others. Justin Laem seems to have a calm opinion...
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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    You know what, you're right about AZ, they tend not to follow governmental mandates (i.e. Daylight Savings Time). And we're way too paranoid in the Bay Area. It's not enough for you to social distance, wear gloves, use hand sanitizer and wear a mask. They're picky about what type of mask you...
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    Meyers: We Need to Address Racism In Gymnastics

    It happens in the "elitist" sports in the US. Golf (despite Tiger Woods' success), Tennis (even with Arthur Ashe, Althea Gibson, the Williams sisters etc.), Skating(Debi Thomas, Surya Bonaly), Gymnastics (even with Gabby Douglas AND Simone Biles Olympic Golds). Field Hockey, Lacrosse etc...
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    Synchro isn't well known and there needs to be a movie about a bottom-ranked team from some nowhere town who wins the National and World Championships. It's a great opportunity to have a diverse group of actors play a bunch of different roles. I would like to see cameos by Christine Brennan...
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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    My picks for replacement ISU event locations/venues are: Las Vegas, NV - Skate America (stays) Phoenix, AZ - Skate Canada replacement Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) - Cup of China replacement Auckland, New Zealand - Internationaux de France replacement Johannesburg, South Africa -...
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    USA Today: NBC commentators Tara Lipinski, Johnny Weir participate in vulgar video spoof of U.S. Olympian

    I want to see Tara AND Michelle do a commentary for Ladies Figure Skating. I would also like to see Evan AND Johnny do a commentary for Mens' Figure Skating as well.
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    Music I wish someone would skate to: 2020 Edition :)

    Medley of Hey-ya Toxic Hips Don't Lie
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    Facebook Live with Kurt Browning June 20

    i have always loved Kurt Browning.
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    Because of the current situation with the outbreak, will the rules for pairs, ice dancing and synchronized skating change?

    Will this discipline have to wear masks, gloves and not be closer than 6 feet apart? What happens to lifts and throw jumps? Remember in some communities, being closer than 6 feet to someone in public is considered a crime. Therefore, these disciplines may go away. What do you think?
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    Liu wants to win, and maybe Laura could take Alysa only so far. Her jumps and skating skills do need some work. It's best to take care of it now rather than at the last minute.
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    BUZZFEED QUIZ: Which Figure Skating Coach Are You?

    Brian Orser - I love him
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    ********* ***** AND THE 2022 OLYMPICS

    Why don't they postpone the skating and hold it in a location and date where *********-19 is less likely to occur. My solution is to have Olympic skating in July 2022 in Dubai, Phoenix, Reno or Las Vegas. They have enough venues and hotels. It will be very hot, so the ***** couldn't survive in...
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