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    What's your thing?

    I thought it might be nice to share our hobbies, collections, secret passions (besides our beloved figure skating). So here's my thing(s): I collect Polish Pottery. I've been collecting for probably ten to fifteen years. I have most of the dishes and serving bowls and platters that I need to...
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    2022 Worlds Podium Poll MEN

    I'm going with: 1. Yuma 2. Vincent 3. Shoma or Ilia We shall see...
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    U.S. Men 2021-22 season news & updates

    I'm sad Nathan has withdrawn from Worlds. But he needs to take care of himself so he can skate in the shows that I'm sure he is contractually obligated. And of course, he shouldn't risk long term injury. I was selfishly hoping that the US could get two men on the podium at this Worlds but I...
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    Just call me Harry. (Everything Harry & Meghan)

    Thank you for the clarification. It's been so long ago I could not remember the details. I'm shocked I remembered Adrian's name correctly. So I guess I'm an FSW refugee. Please don't hold it against :rollin:
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    Just call me Harry. (Everything Harry & Meghan)

    I am saddened that your son had the negative experience with his grandfather that you described. I'm sure that put you in a terrible position as well, between your son and father (or father-in-law). Family has a unique way of either supporting and helping each other or hurting each other. And...
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    A powerful earthquake has struck northeastern Japan

    I just saw this report on CNN - very upsetting. I hope everyone is safe and there no additional issues with the nuclear power plant that was struck back in 2011.
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    Wildlife in Your Own Backyard

    I live in the far suburbs of a big city in the mid-Atlantic US. I see deer all the time, actually to the point that they are quite a nuisance. Unfortunately, I've hit two deer in the past ten years but luckily neither deer was fatally injured. My jeep still has the dent and cracked front...
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    William Hurt RIP

    I heard this new yesterday. I always liked his acting. I confess, I never heard the accusations made by Marlee Matlin.
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    Just call me Harry. (Everything Harry & Meghan)

    I did not create a pseudonym account to complain about H&M. I joined FSU in November 2003 as "twilla". I forgot my original login and password and couldn't find the info so I created Mugs in 2019. And I use Mugs now because that login is associated with an email account I currently use. I...
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