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    Programs Choreographed by Tatiana Tarasova

    How could we forget Mao Asada’s 2014 Olympic Long program with her 8 triples, spins, and brilliant step sequence? Tatiana did other programs for her. Also, I loved Mao’s 2008 Worlds short program to Fantasy theme. Tarasova is a genius.
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    Denis' Friends - July 20, Almaty - Memorial show to Honor Denis' Memory

    Thanks again for the video. I just watched the 2 hour show last night and was deeply touched. That little boy skater was amazing. He has the makings of a champion.
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    The Mao cheer thread #3 - "For the love of skating"

    Thanks for the post, Rosewood. I am so impressed by Mao’s actions. She is very caring and thoughtful. That would be wonderful if she could add Onntena for her tour. We need that here in the United States. Mao is also terrific with her tap dancing and ability to do sign language. The...
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    Denis' Friends - July 20, Almaty - Memorial show to Honor Denis' Memory

    Thank you again, Rosewood, for the translation of Mao’s article. I found it very insightful and appreciate her honesty. She seemed very close to Denis and his mom. I loved her 2 performances at the tribute show eso. Singing in the Rain. That’s awesome that she writes an article every month. I...
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    Midori Ito celebrates a milestone birthday today!

    Wow. I can’t believe that the great Midori is 50. Time has flown. Yes, she was one of a kind and I remember how high she jumped esp. with that triple axel. Happy birthday, Midori!!
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    The Mao cheer thread #3 - "For the love of skating"

    Thanks, Rosewood, for posting Mao’s tribute to Denis. I just loved her Singing in the Rain routine. She has quick feet. Reminds me of Kurt Browning. Both performances made me cry. Denis is deeply missed. So tragic.
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    Mao Asada in 2006

    Do you think Mao Asada would have won the Olympic gold medal in 2006 if she was age eligible? I believe she would have because she had already defeated Slutskaya, Arakawa, and Cohen previously. 😀
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    Ladies Figure Skating 1977-80

    In 1983, the USFSA could care less about Elaine Zayak. It couldn't be proud of her winning the Worlds in 1982 from 7th place. Her technique in jump combinations and transitions were unmatched by Sumners. If she hadn't withdrawn from the 1983 Worlds with her injury, I think she would've won a...
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    The Mao cheer thread #3 - "For the love of skating"

    I just wanted to say that Mao Asada is a brilliant skater and I miss her style so much. Thank goodness for you tube because there were lots of competitions I missed. Her trademark triple axel,combinations, step sequence, spins, and spirals were amazing. I loved her 2014 Olympic free skating...
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    What Program Have You Rewatched the Most?

    I tend to watch Michelle Kwan's long program at the 2003 Worlds. It was redemption after losing the Olympics again. I also am glued to Mao Asada's 2014 Olympic and 2016 Worlds free skating program. So much emotion is involved in both of her performances. These were two great champions who...
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    Who is the first female skater in the senior division to do the double axel/ triple toe combination sucessfully?

    Here is Elaine at the 1980 Worlds.