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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    Someone made a joke that Trump took Milli Vanilli's advice and blamed it on the rain. Lol! case someone doesn't know, Milli Vanilli had a song called "Blame it on the Rain".
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    The perimenopause/menopause journey - #$&@!!! - Advice SO Welcome!

    Due to having cancer and having a hysterectomy, I went through surgical menopause. I suffer from hot flashes like crazy. My oncologist prescribed an anti-depressant for it because she said that studies showed that this medicine control hot flashes. Well, it does control hot flashes. However, the...
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    Second Democratic Debate

    First of all, let me apologize as I do not know how to quote multiple posts in a response so I'm sorry about multiple posts. I think the issue with Harris, at least for me, was the fact that she tried to make it seem like her attack was spontaneous when it wasn't. Both her and Booker had been...
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    Second Democratic Debate

    I know this is off topic, but thank you. I will check into that. I had both internal and external radiation along with chemo. As my doctor said, my bowels are basically fried. LOL! When I tell my doctors about forgetting things, they just look at me. They don't take me seriously. Even when I...
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    Second Democratic Debate

    I know he won't win the election as he won't get the nomination for many reasons. I liked the fact that he brought up the hypocrisy of the Republican party (boy, I would love so many of my family members to hear what he said but I know they would disagree) and how he remain calm, cool, and...
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    Second Democratic Debate

    Thank you. I had heard something about that but I never got any information about it so I wasn't sure if it was true.
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    Second Democratic Debate

    Thank you
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    Post Debates Poll - Which Four to Vote Off the Island?

    I'm not 100% positive but I think Oprah promoted her books on her show. I think she was her spiritual advisor or guru or something. Williams shows that all one needs to run for office is money and maje the age requirement.
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    Second Democratic Debate

    Thank you. I suffer from chemo brain from all the chemo and radiation treatments that I had for having ovarian and endometrial cancer. I just can't remember anything at times. Even if I save or write things down. I just can't remember or I can't process information even if it's right in front of...
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    Second Democratic Debate

    I'm typically a lurking because some of you guys can really express what I'm thinking better than I can, but I wanted to share my thoughts about some candidates. Warning: I'm typing on my phone so I may have some errors in my typing. Castro: I liked him. I loved how he went after Beto. I want...
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    Gun violence (Again!)

    I don't agree with what Maxine Waters said, but how is that different from the hatefilled spew coming out of Agent Red that sits in the White House? He gets a pass but she doesn't?
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    Edited: Roseanne reboot - BOOTED

    People are now calling for Samantha Bee's show cancelled because of the comment she made about Ivanka Trump. They are saying if her show is not cancelled then that would show the hypocrisy of liberals.
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    Edited: Roseanne reboot - BOOTED

    I am glad that the show is cancelled. I never really cared for it when it was first on, and for what I saw recently the show was horrible. I guess I just don't like those nasty sarcastic remarks that are supposed to be funny. From what I have read on Facebook and Yahoo, most people think that...
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    Shooting at a Florida high school

    I am going to disagree with you on this comment. If the US Constitution is pretty darn important to us than why don't most Americans know it? Most Americans seem to only know the 2nd Amendment including agent red that sits in the White House. Most Americans couldn't tell you any other amendments...
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    Michelle Kwan (Threads Merged)

    Me too! I loved that episode. I loved how the kids did the detective work to prove that was not the real Michelle Kwan. I liked Nancy Kerrigan's part in the episode. LOL!!
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