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    Athlete Mental Health & Eating Disorders - a news & discussion thread

    Rachael Flatt is a remarkable woman and I’m so grateful for the path she has chosen. People will not stop hating, people will not stop being cruel, and even worse is their enjoyment of hating and cruelty. Skating has factions with an outrageously toxic mindset and they don’t see at all how...
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    USA Today: NBC commentators Tara Lipinski, Johnny Weir participate in vulgar video spoof of U.S. Olympian

    I’m trying to wrap my head around this horrifying example of media!s cruelty to a female plus a completely desensitized reaction to the main point.
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    ISU Skating Awards To Debut At 2020 Worlds

    Why isn’t Sui Han’s free program on the list for entertaining programs? It’s so bizarre that they are shaded this way.
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    Pairs Discussion Thread 2019-20: “Two skating as one”

    I watched both Sui Han and M T M short programs: nothing similar in movement or mood whatsoever. Sui Han Nichol ‘channeling’ Savchenko? Sui Han Nichol ‘adopting’ poses of Manta Johnson? Nice try.
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    2019 Japan Open, October 5 + Carnival on Ice gala

    Wow, that’s such a great point. And it is very curious why they haven’t done it yet.😉
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    Boyang Jin cheer thread!

    I want to see! Do you have a link?
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    It was very exciting seeing the new programs. I’m trying so hard to like Evgenia’s program, I want her to find peace and happiness, but Satoko Miyahara’ s Memoirs of a Geisha was so interesting, masterful, and authentic. This sport can really tear one apart non?
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    What Program Have You Rewatched the Most? Denis Ten. Yesterday, on his birthday, I should have sent this link. Oh Denis. He deserved to win worlds 2013. But what’s that compared to that he deserved to live. A long and happy life. I still cannot grasp that he’s gone. I’m still so angry. I’m still so sad for...
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    What Program Have You Rewatched the Most?

    Denis Ten: The Artist short program (part 1) and The Artist Free program (part 2) Denis Ten: Caruso Denis Ten: Silk Road
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    The 2nd annual "what music would you suggest to skaters that has not been overused or used (lately) in competition? thread

    Rachael Flatt 2006-2007 Brahms Trio No. 1 in B Major Scherzo: Allegro Molto
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    It’s wonderful to learn of the inspiration and purpose behind a skater’s choice in music. I wish there was a stream where only purpose etc of chosen music was listed, so we could enjoy each performance even more.
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    Kostner 2017-2018 Ne Me Quitte Pas short program sung by Celine Dion
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    The Skating Lesson 2018/2019

    I watched just the part about Daleman. I couldn’t take it anymore. Opinions heaped upon assumptions, judgements without fact masked in niceties, wow, I felt sick to my stomach. All three scare me, they shouldn’t be allowed out in society.
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    Most Controversial Judging Decisions Ever

    2013: Patrick long program; fell hard on a no hope 3 lutz, a no hope and underotated 3 Axel, bad step out on 3 jump combination, popped 3lutz to double lutz. Patrick was seriously over-scored in the PCs in the long, not just for the negative artistic effect of 4 huge mistakes but the overall...
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