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    2021/2022 Canadian Men: News and Updates

    Wow, can't wait to see him! Let's hope the stream works!
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    Music You Hate in Skating

    Blues for Klook Je Suis Malade Claire de Lune Aranjuez Feelin' Good all the boring completely generic pop ballads that are so popular with skaters right now for some reason
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    Team Canada Olympic outfits revealed

    All the items are there, but the comments were about whether they were using regular models or Team Canada athletes for the individual clothing items. From the individual items I've looked at so far, I see Team Canada athletes as the models for quite a few of the jackets and coats, but not for...
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    Team Canada Olympic outfits revealed

    May depend on the section, but I'm looking at the Team Canada jackets and coats on the lulu site and quite a few of them are Team Canada athletes. ETA: But yeah, not so much in the other sections besides the jackets and coats.
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    RIP Alex Trebek

    Same. I like him and really wanted him to do well, and he seems like a really nice guy, but I just found him kind of awkward. Maybe trying too hard?
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    Quality vs. Quantity

    Is there any advice that you (or anyone else) would give adults in the first group above (lots of practice and coaching, yet minimal improvement), who are frustrated by their lack of progress and want to get better "value", but don't know what to do differently? I definitely see myself and...
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    Stars on Ice 2021 North American tour

    I could not love this more - so happy for both of them!
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    2020-21 Canadian Men News & Updates

    No, there isn't more - thats all that was said. I can't speak to Keegan's reasons for not being sure, but on Nam's side I felt like he was just trying to stop a possibly controversial topic in its tracks, knowing they would probably get into trouble no matter what they say (and he was obviously...
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    2020-21 Canadian Men News & Updates

    No, they are choosing to wait and be surprised. Keegan said they actually have a letter that would give them that information, but they have chosen not to open it.
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    2020-21 Canadian Men News & Updates

    Nam and Keegan and their dogs just did an Instagram Live together. Lots of fun. Keegan showed off the baby's room and his backyard rink, which still has ice (but is looking pretty grim at this point, lol). One bit of news: Nam said that it's 98% likely that he's doing "That's Life" for his...
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    RIP Alex Trebek

    +1 for Anderson. He is my favourite by FAR so far. But I somehow doubt he would actually be interested in being the new permanent host? Unless he is getting bored with CNN or something, lol.
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    Eric Radford and Vanessa James to compete in pairs together for Canada

    KMT's current Instagram story is a video of her and Michael waiting behind the boards at a competition, with this caption: "Looking forward to not being called 'the old guys' at Nationals next year 😂😂" LOL!! At the bottom she also has a disclaimer: "(Just a joke, don't @ me 😜)"
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    Unexpected Fail

    This is very true. My club isn't nearly at the level of the Cricket Club, but it has a competitive program and is the biggest club in our area, while most other nearby clubs are more recreational with mostly lower level skaters. It is common knowledge among our skaters and coaches that it is...
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    Canadian TV coverage 2020/2021

    Thanks for all the insights everyone! I prefer live streams with a minimum of fluff anyway, but it will still be kind of sad if this really is the end of meaningful coverage on Canadian TV. I always record the TV coverage even if I am mostly watching the live stream, so that I can fast forward...
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    Canadian TV coverage 2020/2021

    Hmmm, do we think that's really all they're going to broadcast on TV, or are they likely to add more coverage closer to the time? (Or maybe that's it's on the main channel, but there might be more added on other channels?) That would be a massive decline from previous years, but I honestly...
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