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    Stars on Ice Canada tour, April 26-May 16, 2019

    How long is the show, from start to finish? I'm going next Sunday in Edmonton and am trying to make Mother's Day dinner plans for after the afternoon show. Thanks!
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    2016 Canadian Stars on Ice tour, April 29-May 21

    I was at the Edmonton show a few days ago. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wrote up a quick review of the show on my blog!
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    Chantastic....the return of Patrick

    I was at the Edmonton show last night and about 30 seconds into Esqualo I said, "this is structured a lot like a SP". I was not a fan of Mack the Knife but loved what I saw of Esqualo, here's hoping he uses it next season!
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    Yuzuru Hanyu Cheer Thread

    Congrats Yuzu! Olympic Champion! Yuzu appreciation post on my blog:
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