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    U.S. Men 2020-21 season news & updates

    According to Jackie Wong, Vincent does not have the TES minimum for FS.
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    Korean skating news & updates KOC canceled 2021 Korean Winter Sports Festival. This competition does not affect entries to the ranking competition or Korean National, which are organized by KSU. The Winter Sports Festival is an opportunity for college application portfolios...
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    How many skaters & coaches can you identify in this Japanese illustrator's Xmas card?

    It looks to me the person left to Brian Orser is not David Wilson, but Ghisland Briand. To me, the other person next to Benoit Richaud at the upper right corner looks David Wilson. In front of them I see Mai Mihara, Wakaba Higuchi, Satoko Miyaraha, and Kaori Sakamoto. In the middle at the...
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    Ganicheva & Letov are named the SC of Boston's high performance directors for the club's new facility in Norwood, Mass.

    Here is an alternative link:
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    From Russia With Love [#38]: Fall/Winter 2020

    Here is one article mentioning the plan.
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    From Russia With Love [#38]: Fall/Winter 2020

    They closed the national training center for skaters, since the dormitory next to it was used to house patients. Most of municipal rinks were closed to prevent the spread, so KSU had no ice surface to rent for competitions. KSU just managed to conduct level tests when a certain municipal rink...
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    From Russia With Love [#38]: Fall/Winter 2020

    Actually, since last March, there has been zero competitions in South Korea, except a few club competitions at Pohan Ice Rink. :(
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    Russian Athletes Will Be Allowed To Participate in 2021 and 2022 Olympics and World Championships Kolyada was 8th in the short. Then Patrick Chan and Duhamel & Radford won their respective FS. But I wonder if this information is relavant to the ongoing discussion.
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    News and updates à la Française, part quatre

    An article on Day 1:
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    U.S. Ladies [#29]: Skating with Adjusted Vision

    Here is Phil Hersch's tweet on Alisa Liu's coaching team:
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    Korean skating news & updates

    KSU postponed every competition under its authority, due to the disease situation in Korea:
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    From Russia With Love [#38]: Fall/Winter 2020

    I think Tiffany and Jon withdrew from Stage V.
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    News and updates à la Française, part quatre

    FFSG will conduct a test skating at Cergy December 19-20 to select their international chamipionships participants: Le Challenge 2020 de patinage artistique et danse sur glace se tiendra à Cergy les 19 et 20 décembre.
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    Stars on Ice: Free Online 12/5, 8-9p ET

    From the official Stars on Ice tweet: Saturday, 12/5, 8-9p ET for a free online live event hosted by Kurt Browning and Charlie White chatting with Nathan Chen, Patrick Chan, Elvis Stojko, Meryl Davis, Kaetlyn Osmond, Nam Nguyen, Meagan...
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    From Russia With Love [#38]: Fall/Winter 2020

    Kostornaya is positive, too.
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