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    British Skating News 2021-2022

    If Mark is still a pro on DOI, he might not have that much time either.
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    ITV's Dancing on Ice 2021

    T&D skated with young ice dancers Ash & Atl on the last show. Here's a video of this routine -
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    ITV's Dancing on Ice 2021

    It's all about Torvill and Dean for me. They are the reason I watch DOI.
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    Which beloved or highly regarded skaters do you personally NOT love or highly regard??

    Yuna Kim - to me robotic and boring Yuzuru Hanyu - what diminishes his greatness significantly is the fact that he constantly repeats programs Virtue/Moir - overperforming, especially from Tessa's side
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    The Skate Gods bestow upon you 4 wishes...

    Gold for Torvill and Dean in Lillehammer. Gold for Mishkutenok and Dean in Lillehammer.
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    The ALL NEW Youtube thread!!

    Carol competed against Torvill and Dean. She said in one of the interviews that she decided to retire when she saw their Mack and Mable, it was that good. T&D are also her favourite ice dance team.
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    Papadakis/Cizeron #8 - Oh Lover Hold On

    So does it depend on the continent where you train? I personally doubt there's such a rule nowadays. For example VM have always trained in North America but usually the music for their programs was chosen by their coaches. As far as I know they wanted to skate to Pride and Prejudice in 2014...
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    Papadakis/Cizeron #8 - Oh Lover Hold On

    When the best train together sooner or later, it turns out that not everything is so perfect. So I suppose it's not such a great thing as sometimes we can hear. It was the same case with Virtue/Moir and Davis/White. It was the same with Grishuk/Platov and Krylova/Ovsannikov in the 1990s. Some...
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    Papadakis/Cizeron #8 - Oh Lover Hold On

    Has anyone translated the interview? Or do we have to rely on google translate?
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    Upcoming Torvill & Dean biopic on Christmas Day on ITV

    She left when he was 6. I don't think she attended Olympics, but she attended some of the their competitions. She also used to come to watch Dancing on Ice. It seems she and Chris reconnected at certain point. He tweeted that in 2017 -
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    Favorite Skating Conspiracy Theories

    I'm pretty sure many VM fans still believe it was the case.
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    Torvill and Dean Ice Skating Drama Greenlit

    I think it's interesting that the movie will be about their very early career which wasn't easy of them, because both of them had to work to earn the living: Chris as a policeman and Jayne as an insurance clerk. And there were moments when they were close to giving up their skating passion...
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    Are Virtue & Moir now the ice dancing GOATs?

    And after so many years people still remember those programs and talk about them (of course mainly Bolero). Yet V&M fans are so proud that they stlll watch Moulin Rouge. Let's wait 30-40 years and see how many of them will still watch it and talk about it.
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    Are Virtue & Moir now the ice dancing GOATs?

    I have read many arguments why a particular ice dance team is GOAT, but nothing beats this one :biggrinbo.
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    Are Virtue & Moir now the ice dancing GOATs?

    \ But that's one of my problems with VM. They are over the top :confused:. I know they are excellent ice dancers and don't doubt their incredible skills. And knowing that I don't understand why they need to overperform so much. Maybe if they toned it down a bit I would enjoy watching them so...
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