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    Japanese figure skating 2020-21 season news & updates

    Kozuka blades as the former skater Takahiko Kozuka? Or is it just coincidence
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    Interview with Tomas Verner about his skating career, marriage & fatherhood

    Maybe you are right too, I only follow Kvitova on the tennis courts😉😁
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    Interview with Tomas Verner about his skating career, marriage & fatherhood

    Did she sell her wedding to the tabloids? Or is she married? What I understood is that he is not as famous as her so the press won't bother...
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    Pairs Discussion Thread 2019-20: “Two skating as one”'s all the Federation's fault. At the end Peng and Jin are a great couple but I bet they could have reached that level with Xiaoyu too and Zhang only had few a couple of seasons left in the tank. Is anyone available for Xiaoyu? She is such a beautiful skater:(
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    #TeamTrainwreck 20: Large Caliber Weapon

    I voted for Daisuke also! Sorensen is a big Viking man but too vanilla for me. I voted Daisuke, who should have it by now, Cave in and Han Yan!
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    New Figure Skating Drama on Netflix (EDIT: no longer starring Emma Roberts)

    This looks like a real HOT MESS! Netflix it is...:gallopin1
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    I think the calls were fair. The 4 Lutzes barely had any flow on the landing indicating the jump wasn't completely backwards. Only the first 3 axel looks rotated and was a fall. She needs speed and flow, It was a stark contrast to the other girls how slow she was
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    Savchenko/Massot Fan Thread

    I think Shen Zhao are closer to Aljona than Plushenko... Anyone knows exactly?
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    The Trashiest of the Trash Can - The Worst Skating Gossip Thread

    Is he still called Victor Weir-Voronov? Aren't they divorced?
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    Royal figure skating weddings :)

    :confused::confused::confused: in that article it says Sasha was a 3-times world champion...:eek::eek::biggrinbo:sasha1:
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    From Russia with love [#23]: Spring/Summer 2016

    So, did you see that in the 10 second clip they show of her skating showing a beautiful waxel? :p:p
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    GP 2016-17 Pre-Announcement Thread

    So basically these rankings are so bogus and meaningless that they even put pair teams in the dance rankings... I wonder if anyone is getting paid for doing this "job"
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    Takahiko Kozuka announces retirement

    Wonderful skater :swoon: This quad era was his undoing because he had everything else. I hope he becomes a coach or choreographer. His basics were to die for
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    The ALL NEW Youtube thread!!

    you know, Janet Lynn was wonderful here but I sometimes wonder about the media hype in certain skaters...watching this competition I found myself enjoying Karen Magnussen and Gabrielle Seyfert the most. Seifert was particularly surprising for me, because she had all the beautiful qualities of...
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    Royal figure skating weddings :)

    Granny looks fantastic:encore: who is the groom? looks familiar He-Siudek looks very handsome, too. Dorota is a lucky lady!
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