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    As the Page Turns (the Book Thread)

    Not really a short book but one I read recently or reread and forgot about was The Testament by John Grisham. My husband had recommended one of his newer books to me but I got mixed up and got this older one - written over ten years ago, I believe. Anyway, I had given up on Mr. Grisham but I...
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    I would like to just love it - just enjoy all of it - the sound of the ice under your blades, the sense of flying, the fun of choosing programs and music and costuming and hair. The joy of hard work and discipline and seeing it result in the reaching of your goals - be they a 4axel or smoother...
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    Skate Canada has updated teams for Worlds & Junior Worlds - still some TBD

    I do agree with you that the third spot was between L/L and S/F. With SB/S being out with injury and with all of the reassurances they gave that they were not rushing it and taking the rehab slowly, I would assume that provided a glimmer of hope for S/F. Nothing to do now but look forward.
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    Skate Canada has updated teams for Worlds & Junior Worlds - still some TBD

    I am feeling sad for S/F. That sounds like they are out and SC is willing to choose a barely recovered team after surgery over them. They remind me a bit of Paul/Islam who burst on to world scene with a lot of success and were noticed immediately. As they matured something seemed to go...
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    I am like everyone else, I have my preferences. However, the one thing I just can't stand in a commentator is the catty, mean spirited comments. I didn't hear that from Paul.
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    Not trying to find excuses here, but this competition was a quick turn around after our nationals and on the other side of the world. Also, a lot of pressure on W/M and I/B knowing that the world 2nd team selection was on the line. Just my thoughts - I felt I/B seemed very tense and tentative...
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    When asked how she could be so consistent with throws, Jamie Sale said that David throws her exactly the same each and every time. At least that is how I remember it. Sounds like a huge asset.
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    Cipres/FFSG Press Release on the situation 12-16-2019

    I think words like "incredibly stupid thing" and "atrocious mistake" are used to somewhat normalize very egregious acts that are illegal and should result in severe penalties.
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    As the Page Turns (the Book Thread)

    I just downloaded it from audible. Rumor has it that Jefferson Mays, who has replaced Rene Auberjonois as the narrator is very good.
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    Royalty Thread #11: Putting the "Fun" in Dysfunctional

    Our son and his former girlfriend were both law students and being interviewed by law firms for articling positions. Most of these seemed to be lunch or dinner meetings at exclusive restaurants. His girlfriend ordered a fish dish at a very expensive restaurant and it came with the head and...
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    Royalty Thread #11: Putting the "Fun" in Dysfunctional

    I watched a spot on the royal kitchens hosted by one of their top chefs and he said one of Kate's favorite desserts is sticky toffee pudding. He showed how to make it Buckingham Palace style. She really is a young lady after my own heart! I personally admired her for appearing for the cameras...
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    The Places that You Find Beautiful

    If you ever get a chance to visit the islands of SAMOA - do not miss it. My husband and I operated a free dental clinic there for a year and a half in 2016/17. They are a long way away from most everything and it is an arduous trip from NA - but so worth it. The colors are absolutely...
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    As the Page Turns (the Book Thread)

    Thanks for the recommendation of Once Upon a Pilgrim. I have a large library of audible books and have been listening again to the earlier Jack Reacher books and I have forgotten quite a bit so I am enjoying them. I will try you suggestion.
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    New Brennan Article re: Zimmerman/Fontana & the Rink in USA Today

    And where is the vomit icon emoji when you need it?
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    Northern Hemisphere Flu Shot/Coronavirus (threads merged)

    They are free in Alberta as well.
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