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    Sotskova busted for doping

    Nobody in their right mind things its only Russia
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    Sotskova busted for doping

    1kg lost in some sports over 1 hour in a hilly profile endurance sport can be 15 seconds of time, so thus this would be the very definition of performance enhancing(taking a diuretic and peeing out the weight). Sotskova probably using it for personal reasons, but the paperwork is not sorted out...
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    Only an act of quad can stop Nathan Chen and the ridiculousness- Toronto Star Article

    In general the only thing the athlete controls in figure skating is their technical base mark so thus more quads will be tried in the future. The skater has no control over their goe and pcs, in many cases you can call the marks random. If the ISU lowers the base value for quads and triples as...
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    IOC's decision: (clean) Russian athletes can compete under neutral flag at PyeongChang Olympics

    And she would be found dead somewhere if she did the same thing, just like the many russian officials who have disappeared. Do you realize how much information Justin Gatlin gave to anti doping officials to save his own butt.
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