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    Rock the Rink 2019 (Virtue/Moir, Chan, Stojko, Osmond, Kostner, Abbott)

    Looking forward to Saturday! I can't believe it's the last show...I've been following this thread for months.
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    ISU Singles & Pairs Scale of Values, Levels, and GOE guidelines for 2019-20 season

    I don't want to speak for one group over another but I do want to point out that for Canada at least there are skating qualifications needed in order to judge and even stricter ones to be on the tech panel. There is an assumption that you have to be able to skate in order to judge and I think...
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    Bids for ISU Championships 2021 & 2022; Provisional allotments in 2020/21

    Beijing has to designate an event as the test event for 2022 recent years it's normally the preceding 4CC or Europeans (Vancouver, Sochi, Pyeongchang). I don't GPF is large enough to consider for the test event. Would they let Jr. worlds count as the test event?
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    British-Irish Dialect Quiz

    I was surprised as it correctly said I was not from UK/Ireland but I figured our NL heritage and dialect is so rooted in its British/Irish origins that it would think I was...apparently we're more different I thought.
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    King William's College General Knowledge Paper 2018-19

    I loved that mini-series! I use parts of it to show my class during our unit on Space. They can't get enough of it! I was about to type the same answer until I saw you got to it first :)
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    ISU Grand Prix Assignments 2018/19 season

    I also feel like the fields were really unbalanced this year partly due to retirements/breaks and partly due to withdrawals. For G&P, they were in 2 of more deep fields on the GP, especially compared to Rostelecom and NHK. If you look at their totals they should be right in there. I feel M-T&M...
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    Thank You Canada Tour - V/M, Chan, D/R, Osmond

    I got my tickets for St. John's!! My budget wouldn't allow for on ice so we're in row 4 on the blue line. Super pumped!
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    Thank You Canada Tour - V/M, Chan, D/R, Osmond

    It's SKATE for the St. John's show. I'm not seeing the promo code box that someone I need to be logged in first or where would I find it?
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    Thank You Canada Tour - V/M, Chan, D/R, Osmond

    When I go into the tickets for St. John's there's no mention of a presale, just general ticket sales on Friday...I did email to check though. Will let people know if I find out anything.
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    Thank You Canada Tour - V/M, Chan, D/R, Osmond

    Do I need to register to get emails to get the presale code?
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    Canadian Men 2017-18 season news & updates

    His enthusiasm is awesome! He was there for group one of the dance yesterday with only coaches as Canada was in flight 2, no other fellow skaters until group 2.
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    The 100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion

    My great grandfather was a survivor of the Halifax explosion. He was on a boat in the harbor when it happened and the blast went right over his boat. Perfect positioning of being far enough away from the core and close enough to it that the explosion never got them. He had enlisted but was...
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    Questions about Technical Panels (ISU, national, local level)

    I do the data and replay for our local events here. Just finished Sectionals for NL. I love sitting on the panel and listening to the discussion and entering the calls. It is very professional and I take a lot of pride in my work. I'm looking at trying to pursue a higher level further down the...
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    Adding my thoughts and prayers to Lee and her family at this difficult time. I always appreciated her perspective as a skating mom. She was certainly not your "skating mom" and was so knowledgeable and encouraging to other posters.
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