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    Word Games

    For Wordle - I think you can say the word the next day?
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    AFP Guide to Figure Skating

    It looked like someone with a VERY rudimentary level of skill in 3D animation did these - the intent was good, but to me it looked more like a lack of ability than knowledge. 3D animation is not easy. This style of 'still doll athletes' (probably made from stock 3d figures?) may make sense in...
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    Word Games

    I started making headway when someone pointed out you don't need to use the letter you found. I usually start with 2 words covering 10 different letters, unless I get enough to work with in the first word. I have a hard time not just changing ONE letter otherwise, my brain want rhyme. (light...
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    "On Edge" - Olympic Channel's docuseries featuring 6 teams from Ice Academy of Montreal

    I'm also sure it makes good competitive sense for Pap/Ciz to not assume they are untouchable.
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    Word Games

    I also really enjoy that it’s once a day. It’s ver satisfying to guess Wordle 214 4/6 ⬜⬜⬜🟩⬜ ⬜🟨⬜⬜🟩 🟩⬜🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
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    Why isn't Zhulin being banned?

    I’m in awe of the gymnastics discipline Acrobatic Gymnastics which involves balance / lifts / tumbling of groups of pairs. I think there are different specific compositions (3 women or 4 men or a mixed pair etc), but it could easily be a coed group of any composition? The range of human body...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!!
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    Japanese figure skating 2021-22 season news & updates

    Sorry for being uninformed, I thought Japan had another Pairs team? Are they not eligible for worlds/4CC? Or any Junior pairs? It seems it would benefit the Japanese federation to put some more effort into the pairs program, given the high level of single skaters, and Miura/Kihara's success?
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    Citizenship status of skaters aiming for the Olympics

    Sorensen also wasn’t at a point where the Olympics where guaranteed before Denmark allowed dual citizenship (in 2014 I recall? ). The ability to retain the citizenship of your birth country would also factor in I think.
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    "On Edge" - Olympic Channel's docuseries featuring 6 teams from Ice Academy of Montreal

    Yeah I had expected all this to be mostly pre-season stuff so it wouldn't distract?
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    Russian interview with Duhamel

    me too, I'm terribly curious. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with Radford, and more with something that happened in the rink? She doesn't even go to the rink at all? that's... odd. Interesting how much she wanted to say about Radford, I'm surprised she didn't keep it to a generic...
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    Japan closing borders due to Omicron--GPF canceled

    maybe Montreal could invite Piper and Gilles + Guignard and Fabbri (and Babs and stopwatch, sure seem like lots of teams needed that) to come perform and then have a mini dance GP, we could all rinse our brain of THE SHIRT and have a mini-dance GPF ;) in all seriousness, this sucks, I do think...
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    "On Edge" - Olympic Channel's docuseries featuring 6 teams from Ice Academy of Montreal

    Does anyone have a clue who was watching Smart/Diaz and blurred out? I wonder if it could be Baker? I'm trying to remember which teams train there who are not features and probably didn't sign release - Hawayek/Baker are one team, Reed/A. is another (it makes sense they are not featured as...
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    Alysa Liu Switches to Colorado Coaching Team

    I'm guessing that sponsors are more promoted to the audience, and noom is probably a decent fit in terms of demographics there, as the audience is 'regular' people. but I agree that the fact that even if it isn't promoted to the athletes but to the audience, associating figure skating with...
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    Japan closing borders due to Omicron--GPF canceled

    are you implying that Nathan should leave Raf behind?
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