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    Mao Asada's 'Thanks Tour' (Starting from May 2018)

    Whoa... Mao is so strong, and Erni is so brave to be lifted like that! How can such a thin girl lift him like that?? Thanks for these wonderful pictures of the show.
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    Boyang Jin cheer thread!

    Yeah, Boyang did great! His technique is excellent and even though he didn't land his quad lutz cleanly, the height and distance is amazing even while watching on a computer! I was a little worried after reading the sort of sad article about how he didn't go to Canada to train with Brian Orser...
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    U.S. Men 2018-19 season (cont.) - news & updates

    For me, having seen Tomoki skate at nationals twice, I think he needs work on his stretch and posture. He needs to be more like Jason Brown in gliding across the ice and finishing off his moves, and improving his spins. His huge Russian split jump is a highlight and of course, so are his jumps...
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    Vincent Zhou cheer thread

    What a relief that Vincent is in 1st place going into the free skate. He's doing the hardest jumps ever attempted and deserves props for that. I didn't hear Michael Weiss' commentary but he probably is in awe of Vincent too, as someone who knows how dangerous and hard quads are. I can't believe...
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    Michael Weiss: "Put [Nathan Chen] in a pair of Levis and a white T-shirt with fake tattoo arms!"

    I enjoyed the "interview," but agree with those who have said Michael Weiss is a nice guy. Back in my law school days, I sometimes skated on freestyle sessions with him and would see his mom there giving trampoline lessons. His older sister was also a coach at the Fairfax rink. Sometimes it was...
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    The Mao cheer thread #3 - "For the love of skating"

    Oh, I was hoping someone like Dice Murakami would join the tour. It's great to hear that the show has been so successful!
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    Michael Weiss: "Put [Nathan Chen] in a pair of Levis and a white T-shirt with fake tattoo arms!"

    Hilarious! But Michael Weiss has a girl and a boy, not 2 sons. And I vaguely recall it was a man who posted on some internet forum saying that he was the one who screamed during the "Mike Pike."
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    U.S. Ladies [#24]: Starr-Ting Order/Detailed Classification

    Just got back from the arena and settled back into my hotel room. What a wonderful night of terrific skating!! U.S. ladies skating is out of the doldrums. I felt that the energy of the audience was great tonight. When Ting Cui skated, you could tell she was far beyond the level of the previous...
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    Downtown Jason Brown - Let the Good Times Roll (uber thread #2)

    What a great, in depth interview. I can't wait to see Jason skate live. I remember when he skated in Greensboro in 2011(?) some people near me were snickering about his looks. That was when he wore this Japanese style top. After his amazing skate, everyone stood up and gave him a huge ovation.
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    Detroit selected to host 2019 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

    I'm going to try lyft for the first time. My flight gets in Fri around 3pm, so please PM me if you'd like to share the ride! Glad you're able to go!
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    Canadian Men 2018-19 season news & updates

    So I heard on the free skate broadcast that Nam is still only 19 years old. He's been competing senior for so long I thought he was a lot older than that. Plus he's started working and paying for his skating costs. Hope he gets some endorsements to help with his expenses!
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    Canadian Men 2018-19 season news & updates

    Wow, I can't believe that Nam won after so many years since his 1st win! What a season it's been for him!
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    John Coughlin has died

    I didn't know John's mother died in 2010. Were he and Caydee married? There's no info about it on his wiki.
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    John Coughlin has died

    Such terrible news... John seemed like an outgoing nice guy. I remember how entertaining he was in an exhibition at nationals in Kansas City, and I sat next to a woman who said she was his 3rd grade music teacher. Whether he did anything inappropriate or not, this is an awful ending....
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    Detroit selected to host 2019 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

    Southerner here, not looking forward to 20 degree weather. I went looking for boots today just for my trip to Detroit, but there were none in my size. I was thinking of walking the half mile between Aloft and the arena, but the bus/people mover are looking like better options now.