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    Advice needed on worn out boot finish

    Thanks for the tips! I'll look for the paint you recommended.
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    MK Professional blades 8 3/4"

    I have a pair of used MK professional blades that I just got replaced. They are pretty worn so I would be glad to send them just for the approximate cost of shipping to whoever might need them. 8.75 in. I can send over pictures if you send me a private message with your email.
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    Chantastic....the return of Patrick

    So nice to read more about Patrick's thoughts and plans. I sure hope he will develop into a choreographer, and like that he mentions wanting to do something to help the environment. I also find it funny that he says he was awkward as a teenager. His skater never gave off that impression.
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    U.S. Men 2018-19 season (cont.) - news & updates

    Tim was wonderful to see at Eastern as well as Nationals. One of those elegant well-rounded skaters who unfortunately just doesn't have a quad. I remember when he was just a kid competing at places like the Atlanta Open. So with his retirement, I guess Jimmy Ma is likely to win Eastern...
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    2019 Egna Spring Trophy, Mar 28-31, Egna, ITA

    Thanks for the video links! Who would have thought the Americans would do so well! Looking forward to seeing the free skates.
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    2019 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, April 3-6 in Salt Lake City, UT

    Good luck to you all! Maybe I'll be there next year. Have a blast!
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    How do you feel now that Vincent Zhou has a world medal and Max Aaron and Ross Minor do not?

    I am very happy for Vincent. I've sort of been following him since he was young, watched that Chinese documentary about his family, and am impressed that he got a perfect SAT score too. All of these skaters work hard and make great sacrifices for the sport. I admit I noticed Vincent's scratchy...
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    Nathan Chen (#Slaythan Fans) thread

    What Nathan did was amazing. He was essentially training alone and mostly coaching himself while juggling a regular courseload at Yale. I remember what it was like in college, with so many distractions and new things to adjust to being on your own. I remember gaining weight from the all you can...
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    U.S. Men 2018-19 season (cont.) - news & updates

    Vincent's new exhibition skate:
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    2019 World Championships Videos

    Thanks! I found this link:
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    2019 World Championships Videos

    Any videos of the opening ceremony or gala? Thanks!
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    World 2019 Men's LP

    That was kind of like rubbing salt in the wound when the journalist toward the end asked Hanyu what he thought he could do given that even if he had skated perfectly, he still wouldn't have beat Nathan. Stop encouraging this poor guy to do a quad axel. He's already got injuries!
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    World 2019 Men's LP

    What a great competition. Such great athleticism on display. I feel a little bad for Yuzuru. His eyes looked swollen like he had shed some tears. Vincent looked the most ecstatic during the victory ceremony. All those years living with his mom in a little apartment paid off finally! And I admit...
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    World 2019 Men's LP

    Yuzuru! Brilliant interpretation. He seemed so stressed out. What a relief. Wonder if Plushenko is there watching?
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    World 2019 Men's LP

    Shoma in 2nd over Boyang?? Seems like he got some gifts.... That was too messy of a skate despite his soft knees.