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    2022 US Adult Sectionals and Nationals

    Thanks, Purple Skates!
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    Tonya Harding

    Interesting that someone made a documentary about Stant and his sister. I thought he had died.
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    Two Time Olympian! Karen Chen Cheer Thread

    Karen's mom is now in the business of making custom skating outfits! Karen posted on Instagram about it, with photos of the dresses her mom has made her through the years.
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    Ilia Malinin Fan Thread!

    Ilia is totally amazing. I just want him to stay healthy. So I guess there's no chance he'll compete at the Philadelphia competition in early August?
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    U.S. Men 2021-22 season news & updates

    Artur Jr's jumps looked pretty unreliable and messy all-around. Did he really have any plausible 4x attempts? Was anything caught on video? Congrats to Ilia -- that huge height into the 4x is incredible!
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    I haven't been back much lately but was sort of surprised that there were so many people skating on public sessions again. Not as much as pre-covid but fairly close to it. Less than half wore masks. If I'm able to get on a public session this week, I'll continue to wear a mask. The local rinks...
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    Nathan Chen Fan Thread #2

    When will the Family Feud episode featuring Nathan and his siblings be shown? The little clips I saw of the show looked fun. Thanks for all the news, sheetz!
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    Japanese figure skating 2021-22 season news & updates

    Ilia, Jason, Junhwan, Kevin, Vincent & Nathan! This is wonderful that they've been invited to perform in Japan. Wish someone could be like the Shibs & make behind the scenes videos about life on the tour.
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    U.S. Pairs 2021-22 season - News & Updates, Part X

    What a relief that Ashley is doing well & so proud of how her students did at Skate Austin.
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    2022 U.S. Stars on Ice Tour

    This short video I took of Alysa Liu taking her bows has gotten the most views so far. In 2nd place is the video I took of Jason.
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    2022 U.S. Stars on Ice Tour

    I agree, the Holt International thing was weird, especially with their people scattered throughout the arena ready to sign you up or whatever. Whatever happened to more legit sponsors like Smuckers, or even Ollie's Bargain Basement (which we have in NC). It was good also to see a big crowd of...
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    2022 U.S. Stars on Ice Tour

    SOI last night in Greensboro was amazing. Great skating, beautiful costumes, fun music & choreography. It was weird seeing the Coliseum pretty empty, because the last time I was there was for Nationals a little over 2 years ago. However, it made it very easy to get in and out of the Coliseum...
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    Ilia Malinin Fan Thread!

    Congrats to Ilia, his parents & Raf too! I can imagine his mom jumping up and down watching from home. He looks so much like her. It was a great competition with a lot of talented competitors.
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    2022 Skate America

    Is there Uber or Lyft around Norwood? I'd like to go, but wouldn't want to rent a car and drive around unfamiliar roads. TD Arena for Worlds in Boston was so convenient; I walked from my hotel there.
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    2022 Jr. Worlds Men SP

    What a great, exciting competition (other than Kao's bad fall and messy skate). This was the first time I've seen Stephen Gogolev skate in ages and he looks like he's doing well after his growth spurt and injuries. Here's Ilia's SP:
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