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    USFS Announces Men's Pairs and Ice Dance Assignments for 2020 Four Continents and Worlds

    My browser originally showed the first few words of the thread title, so I was getting kind of excited about mens' pairs events. . . :(
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    U.S. Pairs 2019-20 season - News & Updates, Part X

    I thought Winter Deardorff (still one of the best skating names ever) had competed in senior pairs before. She's allowed to go back to competing at the junior level??
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    What is the stupid recurring argument that you & your spouse keep having?

    I think I would be thrilled if dh and dd could actually put their dishes IN THE SINK. Instead they get piled on the counter and we end up with crap all over the counter and where on earth are you supposed to get any cooking/cooking prep done if there's no counter space? Dh also has this strange...
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    Maia Shibutani Surgery

    Go big brother Alex! Good brother.
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    Maia Shibutani Surgery

    Yikes!! Glad they caught it early and adding my prayers that it was benign.
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    All Aboard the Han Yan Fan Van!

    ahhhhhhhhhh. Such a lovely touch on the ice. Like Dick Button once said of Alissa Czisny, he is "kind to the ice."
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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    Gotta love how he uses big boy terms like "public domain." Does he even understand what that means? (that's a rhetorical question.)
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    Figure Skating Books You Can't Wait to Read

    Also everyone’s favorite Swedish male skater, Alexander Majorov! Nothing but Gold: How to Have the Perfect Olympic Experience, by Michelle Kwan and Kurt Browning. It’s older but still brilliantly readable.
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    Daisuke Takahashi decided to become an ice-dancer (with Kana Muramoto) after Jan 2020

    Okay, now Jeremy Abbott can resurrect his ice dance career. . . :) I hope Dai and Kana, above all, have an AWESOME time doing this, learning new things. Nobody interprets music like Dai, so in that sense he's made for dance.
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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    Pretty much like every other time the man speaks? :rolleyes:
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    #TeamTrainwreck: MESS 2018/19 (Most Epic Splat of the Season)

    I think I have to go with Keegan, too. This was a tough, tough race. A lot of people clearly were in it to win it.
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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    Can he please win a ticket OUT of the White House, and preferably out of the country?
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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    I'm not super patriotic either but GADS, the man has not a shred of decency. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME as the Baby Prez whines on about how he's our "favorite" president. Revolting.
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    Javier Fernandez & Antonio Najarro bring 'Flamenco on Ice' to Japan

    Sounds awesome. I have no say in it, obviously, but it would be AWESOME to see Lambiel reprise his Poeta free skate in the show, still one of my all-time favorite IJS programs. (Okay, I guess he's in the Fantasy on Ice show, but. . . .)
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