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    Royal figure skating weddings :)

    Jonathan Guerreiro with Luca Lanotte and Eve Bentley at their wedding:
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    Royal figure skating weddings :)

    From Jonathan Guerreiro's Instagram stories today, it looks like Luca Lanotte has married as well!
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    Happy 20th Birthday to FSU! May 21st!

    Happy 20th, FSU! Been here since the EZBoard days and looking forward to another 20 years of crazy delerious fandom!
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    Las Vegas, Nevada to host 2019 Skate America!

    I posted about the Hotel upthread: Feel free to PM me for more details. :)
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    Best pairs programs of all time

    I really felt this keenly at Four Continents last weekend watching the pairs LP live in the arena. Four minutes just don’t seem to be enough to fully express a program.
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    Las Vegas, Nevada to host 2019 Skate America!

    The restaurants in the casino are non-smoking - but they're still in the casino, and some of them are open air/don't have doors or windows that could block the smoke. So if you're really sensitive to smoke, you may want to dine elsewhere.
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    Las Vegas, Nevada to host 2019 Skate America!

    The Orleans Arena is attached to the casino and hotel, so if you stay at the hotel, transportation to the arena won't be an issue, and if you drive, the parking is free. The casino has many different restaurants inside it, from food court-level stuff (Fuddruckers, Subway, Sbarro, Baskin...
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    Las Vegas, Nevada to host 2019 Skate America!

    I just was at the Orleans at the Continental Cup as a volunteer! Great venue - no bad seats and probably the perfect size for an event like Skate America.
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    Madison Chock & Evan Bates Hopes, Fears & Cheers!

    I thought their new RD was great. The Montreal choreography has added a sophistication and softness to their movements that they weren't getting from Igor. There's more dimension to their skating now.
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    Ice Dance Partnership Break-Ups Resulting In Success For Another Team or Changing the Trajectory of Ice Dance

    This is maybe a slightly backwards take on the thread topic, but imo Virtue/Moir's announced return ultimately opened the door for Soucisse/Firus's ascent because a number of Canadian teams retired and/or split not long after that announcement. Although S/F were skating with other partners at...
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2018-19 season news & updates

    I like S/F, but I don't like their programs this season. The programs themselves are not bad, but I always feel like S/F are fighting their music. Last season they seemed to float along to the music, but the club remix tango approach isn't working for me at all, and the moody FD doesn't fit...
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    2020 US Nationals

    Yeah, the tough thing about Greensboro is that the rink isn't attached or within easy walking distance to any hotels. So if you don't have a car, you're stuck taking a taxi or Uber/Lyft every time you want to go to or leave the arena. It's just a few minutes' drive, but it still becomes a...
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    Spanish skating news

    Not that I'm aware of. Unlike the past two seasons, FEDH has been noticeably silent on the Worlds criteria. I would not be surprised if this season there were NO criteria, and FEDH will just name whichever team it wants and selectively use whichever criteria it chooses to justify the...
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    Anna Duskova / Martin Bidar split announced; both aim to continue with new partners

    Martin Bidar just announced his new partner, Hanna Abrazhevich, via Instagram: I did a quick Google search on her, and it looks like she is a former lower-level singles skater who represented Belarus.
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    From Russia with love [#29]: Spring 2018 and beyond

    He is super tall, and not just for a skater. His ISU bio says he’s 195cm, which is about 6’5”.
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