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    Russian figure skating news & updates in 2022

    Alexa :kickass: Great response.
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    Shinzo Abe, former Japan prime minister, assassinated during speech (UPDATED)

    I know it can happen anywhere but still…RIP. :( The world is so sick right now on multiple levels.
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    Abortion discussions - latest court cases

    @Louis, to use your own words re. Boris you've shown who you are in this thread. Very disappointed but so be it. It's pointless to argue after what you've written. I can only echo those in this thread that this is a travesty and am still feeling shock, grief and anger combined.
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    Swimming & Diving thread

    Pretty scary for it to happen a second time to Alvarez - I remember the Tokyo qualifiers where she fainted as well. :(
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    What, Me Worry? Travels and Travails 2021-22

    @sk8pics Keep the car windows open if possible and wear N95, you’ll likely be fine. ITA the testing requirement is pointless now and should have been dropped same time as Canada. I’ll take some wrongheaded / misguided policies over the alternative anytime, but I’m honestly surprised there...
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    Rafa :cheer2:
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    I first saw Nadal play on this day in 2005 when he won the semis against Federer, and learned we shared the same birthday. It’s been a tradition to watch him at the FO since and I always root for him to win. Not this way though. :(
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    Sigh. Not projected to change in Quebec either this fall FWIW regardless of how Montreal votes.
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    Gun violence (Again!)

    In 2006 there was a shooting at my brother’s junior college in Montreal and a girl was killed. That experience was traumatic enough for him and so I’m absolutely aware it can still happen anywhere. But for those in power (which I understand doesn’t = the majority of Americans) to tolerate what’s...
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    NCAA Gymnastics

    Wow - Dana Duckworth is stepping down from Alabama. Per CollegeGymNews she had recently signed an extension so this was a significant surprise.
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    What, Me Worry? Travels and Travails 2021-22

    It was more the conference itself that surprised me. The first workshop was in a small packed room and even so the majority of those attending didn't mask. Both the evening cocktail event and (long) dinner reception were completely indoors and the latter especially was past my comfort level. I...
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    What, Me Worry? Travels and Travails 2021-22

    @PRlady - I thought you were only connecting in Switzerland, nice that you can do some travelling! Have you been to Colmar or Eguisheim? I added the area to my bucket list when I started reading travel blogs this spring. I just got back from France. Wonderful trip (will post reports) and the...
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    2022 Eurovision - Ciao Torino!

    Shame it’s not a week later since my conference won’t give any time to watch (there’s an organized dinner that will run through the Final Saturday). Oh well. Will have to watch Peacock on demand when I return now!
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    Grand Prix Series of Seasons 2022/23 & 2023/24

    FWIW per the SNCF app it looks like there are direct trains between Paris Montparnasse and Angers St-Laud stations, and the transit time’s less than 2h. Could be worse!
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    The Medical Thread: Vaccine Search / Staying Healthy / Treatments Etc

    Got the 4th shot this afternoon with my parents (Quebec just opened up eligibility to those over 18). I wish I had an extra week before my next trip but better than nothing, and most importantly my parents will be more protected on my return. The mask mandate will be mostly lifted here mid-May...
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