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    Costume changes during a program

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    Nguyen & Kolesnik have ended their partnership

    That's so sad. Their FD from last season was pure magic :love: I hope both of them would be able to continue with new partners. A bit off-topic: Can someone please remind me why Zavozin was quite smoothly released and Matthews not, when they broke off their partnership back in 2007?
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    The Glorious Otonals: Who did it best?

    I know that she didn't win anything major, but I still like the best Polina K program:
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    The Shoma Uno fan thread - Go for número UNO!

    Is Shoma still working with Takeshi Honda or this collaboration was only a summer thing?
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    The Shoma Uno fan thread - Go for número UNO!

    I am really happy for Shoma :cheer2:after the season he has been having, the national title can be quite nice self-confidence boost. I am low-key missing seeing him in velvet pants, did someone mean told him that velvet makes you look fat :drama: or what?
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    Japanese figure skating 2019-20 season news & updates

    Yuzuru is still missing 4CC title, I think as long as he is healthy he will go.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    Both Valieva and Usacheva are too young for YOG (both were born in 2006), RusFed would have to offer the spots to Kostornaia, Trusova or Shcherbakova, which would be surprising.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    Do you mean Adelina :D on the left or Ryabova on the right?
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    The Shoma Uno fan thread - Go for número UNO!

    I mostly hope he will skate as clean as possible :summer: He looked really dashing in that camo printed suit during the draw.
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    Orser explains why Briand coached Hanyu at GP Final in Torino (Hersh article); also a Ghislain Briand article (in French)

    Both Orser and Ghislain should be there, but I only saw pictures of Yuzuru, so maybe they are still on the way to Japan.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    The preliminary Russian entries for YOG are up: Ladies: Victoria Vasilieva , Ksenia Sinitsyna Men: Daniil Samsonov, Andrei Mozalev Ice Dance: Irina Khavronina /Dario Cirisano , Sofya Tyutinina /Alexander Shustitsky Pairs: Diana Mukhametzianova / Ilya Mironov...
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    The Dance Hall 7: Tripping the Light Fantastic 2019-2020

    If H/K would be willing to change coaches I think Platov can be a nice fit - is he still coaching? BTW does Gorshkov have some good teams this season? I don't think I have seen him this season in Kiss'n'Cry.
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    Royal figure skating weddings :)

    Let's finish week on a positive note: Evan's Wedding
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    USA making it harder to get "Extraordinary Ability" green cards/visas (multiple Carreira/Ponomarenko references)

    What about Vadym Kolesnik - is there a chance for him to get a citizenship before Olympics?
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    The Skating Lesson 2019/2020

    TSL did a nice interview with Matteo Rizzo: He is planning to stay until Olympics in Italy. :biggrinbo
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