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    What took the place of the iPod?

    I lost most of the music I had in iTunes, now it only shows the stuff I bought from Apple. I gave up and moved my record player to a more central spot, and play my records from the seventies or eighties, plus what I have from my parents collections of the 40's, 50's and 60's. I still have the...
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    RIP Prince Philip

    Very sad. RIP
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    So happy to hear how well things went for you. My surgery was only about ten or fifteen minutes, it took longer to prepare.
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    Genealogy research

    As someone vaguely interested in family history, and who also worked on many Census, I can defend wonky dates of birth and spellings. In the 80's and 90's, and early 2000's, if you didn't mail back your Census questionnaire, you had somebody knock at your door to ask you in person. If Dad...
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    RIP Sean Connery

    Sad. I remember him in the Longest Day. And Medicine Man. RIP.
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    About losing the close up vision, I also had great close up vision in my right eye, for years. Then the left eye stopped seeing distance and I realised I could use the right eye to see things two inches away, and the left eye was great for 3 to 12 inches away. Everything beyond a foot was...
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    In June 2019 I told my family doctor I could no longer read the gas signs (the bigs ones displaying the price). I only started wearing glasses late in 2016, but had to replace them in 2017 and again in 2018. My family doctor agreed that was a bit too fast so booked me an appointment with a...
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    What is happening at work?

    My office has four people who have worked there regularly. (We have been closed to the public since mid March.). I go in two days a week and wfh the remaining 3. Everyone else wfh. This Monday we have half staff in the office to review new procedures in the morning, the other half go in for the...
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    Really, part deux

    So very sorry, šŸ˜¢
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    What is happening at work?

    Today we ordered in Swiss Chalet, and ate together in the boardroom, all five of us 6 feet apart. It was nice. The not so nice part was that no work came through until five minutes before closing. I at least got over 7000 steps in, walking around the office. Tomorrow I'm working from home again.
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    What is happening at work?

    Tomorrow I am to help receive and set up laptops for everyone, even those who prefer to continue working at the office. I am one who likes the office. Tonight I got two hours of overtime, mostly advising clients on how to return unwanted benefits.
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    Daily Gratitude Journal

    My gratitude today is pizza for take out Wednesday and a negative result for the test last night. I get to go back to work and I'm quite happy about that.
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    Word Association - Round 120

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    Donā€™t Hate! Self Isolate! Share your tips!

    Not sure if this has been posted already. It's a link for Canadians who have been impacted financially, You can apply for CERB (Canadian Emergency Response Benefit) starting Monday, April 6th, for those born in...
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    Daily Gratitude Journal

    My garden is full of purple crocuses. And I've seen two robins.
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