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    Kostornaia leaves Tutberidze

    Based on Evgenia's performance I'd have given her the edge over Alina...but I'd have put Kaetlyn above both of them, at least in the SP. If you adjust the ridiculous PCS inflation for both Evgenia and Alina and score everyone objectively, Kaetlyn likely had a case for silver if not gold...
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    Sasha Cohen engaged, expecting a baby

    I am so happy for Sasha!🤗
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    2020 YOG Women SP & FS

    You is growing on me a lot this season. For me there are vast improvements performance wise but how does she manage with all these competitions 😱 I really hope she hits that 3A both in SP and LP at Worlds just to shake things up a bit 😁 (Was she not training with Tom Z last season? Perhaps it...
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    This is exactly what I hope will happen! Hicks was always pretty well scored when skating semi cleanish on an international level so I think she could be a dark horse for a 3-4 finish IF she manage to skate well. I really wish the outcome with Hicks will be different from another talented but...
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    Mai Mihara cheer thread

    Oh Mai 😭😭😭 I really hope her condition will improve! I hope it is a good sign that she is smiling but I have not seen a picture of her in a long time so it was shocking to see how thin she is now..
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    Cipres/FFSG Press Release on the situation 12-16-2019

    :sick::sick::sick: I just can' stupid and ignorant can a federation be!
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    Zagitova announces a temporary suspension of her competitive career; will perform in shows, incl. 'Art on Ice 2020'

    I am a bit sad as I only really started to warm up to Alina this season! young :wuzrobbed But, I understand it must be very hard to find that motivation to continue when you already have won everything. Good luck for the future Alina!!
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    From Russia with Love [#34]: Autumn 2019

    I think Trusova will fair quite well comparing to for example Scherbakova that really gives me Lip vibes with her jump technique.. I hope I am wrong though and that Anna can still jump well in a few years heading into the next olympic season.
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    Bell and Bradie are doing very well so far! I am mostly happy about Mariah finding some consistency and fighting for those landing as a cat now :swoon: . Bradie has always been a good competitor but I really like her for trying to find original programs (last year LP and this years SP). Sure...
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    From Russia with Love [#34]: Autumn 2019

    4A's=Alina,Alena,Sasha and Anna no? I dont think anybody is expecting Janny to land a quad Axel :p
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    U.S. Ladies [#27]: A Time to Reboot

    How much improvement can you be expected from Gracie in the last few weeks?Although I think there were a lot of nerves involved at her first competition I do not think she is that ready..yet. I hope I am completely wrong and that her coach is right about the clean run-throughs. If she were to...
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    Japanese figure skating 2019-20 season news & updates

    I like Marin so much! She is such a natural performer and very charming on the ice :swoon: If an "easier" technical program is the way to go in order for her to increase her confidence and get back to form, then I am all for it! She was lowballed on PCS in the LP but I suspect it only takes a...
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    Sasha Cohen engaged, expecting a baby

    Geoff and his brother certainly are good looking men! I always liked Sasha and hope this time around, she will find happiness that lasts. Perhaps we will see a mini Sasha one day dazzling on the ice 😉
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    2019 Japan Open, October 5 + Carnival on Ice gala

    Mirai! Obviously not in the same shape as during her Olympic season but after being away from the competetive stage for so long and recovering from the hip surgery, I thought this was a surprisingly good performance for her level. I think it shows the competetive spirit of an athlete when she...
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    U.S. Ladies [#27]: A Time to Reboot

    I wonder if she was very nervous..I mean still a long time away from competition! So glad she got the SP done and hopefully, she will be able to hold it together in the LP. It's a bit emotional when you know her journey and what she has been through these past few years. Most of all, I...
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