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    U.S. Pairs 2021-22 season - News & Updates, Part X

    Not what I hoped for Ashley and Timothy. They will be missed. Best to them in the futures.
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    Russian women news & updates, 2021-22 season

    I keep seeing snippets of Kostornia doing pairs moves on her insta. Is this for real? Anyone know?
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    2022 Jr. Worlds Women SP

    What was the deduction for?
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    2022 Jr. Worlds Women SP

    Perhaps Lindsey was teary thinking of her coach, Victor. Well done!
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    2022 Worlds Pairs SP - House of the Rising Lawsuit (can't cease, won't desist)

    Dammit. When is Peacock going to let us watch the replay of the pairs short program?? Some of us working stiffs had to be on the clock today.
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    Italian figure skating news & updates

    Is that a quad throw??
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    Anticipation for the Ice Dance event!

    Oh my! NBC news doing a segment about Chock and Bates. 4 mins long!
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    2022 4CCs Pairs FS

    Chan/Howe are one of the few pairs that my eyes are drawn to him, rather than her.
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    2022 US Nats Mens SP - Anything But Blah-eme!

    I grew up near Pittsburgh where ”yinz guys” would have been used. Have lived in Appalachia for a while now, where one person is ”you”, small groups of people are referred to as “y’all” and bigger groups are “all y’all”. Language is ever evolving.
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    2022 Skate Canada Challenge - Dec. 1-5 2021

    Thanks, Sylvia. It tells me the stream has ended.
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    2022 Skate Canada Challenge - Dec. 1-5 2021

    How can I see senior pairs? Help!
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    U.S. Women [#2]: The Unbearable Lightness of Beijing

    The blond is Rafe’s wife, so I am pretty sure he knows what Mariah is up to.
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    2021 Rostelecom Cup FD - Talk Shirty To Me

    Can’t believe Tanith said something during Hawayek and Baker’s FD about them having the only “all-classicAl” FD of the season. Is it possible she has not watched Papa/Ciz‘s Faure program yet? Did anyone else hear her say that?
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    2021 GP Italia Pairs FS - A Sui In The Han….

    Just had two cheese sticks and a swig of pomegranate juice. Should get me through the pairs.
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