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    The Biden-Harris Administration

    caseyedwards’ political fanfiction strikes again!
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    Gymnastics News #23: Defying Gravity

    It’s a bit rich to be so concerned about the excess of wealth shown at the Met Gala when you support a political party that throws trillions of dollars at the MIC and cutting taxes. And even worse to make a big deal about this when Simone Biles bravely put her trauma out there for everyone to...
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    Gymnastics News #23: Defying Gravity

    I suggest watching Biles’ testimony. Listen to her trauma and try to learn something from her bravery.
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    Insurrectionists and subversives: Trump and his supporters (Thread for all things Trump)

    Absolutely. And all the horrors of the Trump Administration do nothing to negate the horrors of the Bush Administration, etc.
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    Russian women news & updates, 2021-22 season

    Considering the inflated PCS the Russians get, I don’t see any problems with pointing out areas where they are lacking. Anyway, I’ve criticized Hanyu for not pointing his toes before. We complain about posture in skating so I don’t see the problem with doing so about this.
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    Gavin Newsom

    So true. Considering how much the GOP has been in favor of tax cuts for the rich, throwing endless money at the MIC, and now this wasteful recall, the fact that anyone can still refer to the GOP as the party of fiscal responsibility with a straight face is something else.
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    Russian women news & updates, 2021-22 season

    I agree that skaters who don’t point their toes can be an eyesore. I still can enjoy their skating very much but lack of toe point does take away from the total package. Anna has other lovely qualities but it does make her look unfinished sometimes. Obviously she’s not the only skater who...
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    Gymnastics News #23: Defying Gravity

    Listening to the testimony from Simone Biles, Maggie Nichols, Aly Raisman, and McKayla Maroney right now. Absolutely devastating to listen to. I can’t say enough about their bravery.
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    Insurrectionists and subversives: Trump and his supporters (Thread for all things Trump)

    Basically, the recent history of the Republican Party is someone crazier and crazier coming along so we look back on people we thought were out there 10 years ago and suddenly say “I guess he wasn’t that bad after all.” I don’t remember exactly how Romney was treated as a Republican nominee but...
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    Norm MacDonald

    Aww, very sad. He was a very original comedian. I loved his roast of Bob Saget. Totally went against the typical roast and he was at his original (and smartly uncomfortable) best:
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    New Drake Album / Favourite Drake Songs

    I think my favorite is Find Your Love:
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    2021-22 Programs and Choreographers

    Hey, that song is better than 90% of what skaters are using this season. Perhaps that's a low standards but still... :p :rofl:
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    2021-22 Programs and Choreographers

    I think these are probably fine choices even if I was trying to manifest Exile by Taylor Swift for them. 😩😂
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    U.S. Supreme Court & judicial system

    Corporations becoming more left wing sounds good. Hopefully, their next move will be demanding to be taxed at a 90% rate.
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    Rooting for Medvedev and he's looking good so far but I'm just going to assume Djokovic comes back and wins this. Glad I was wrong! ;)
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