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    Things I’m sick of tbh.....

    TBH, I am tired of reading about YKW. I am tired of reading about people's experiences ad nauseum, and I am very very tired of all the sniping and arguing that has evolved during this period without skating. I think I will go on hiatus and return to the forum after skating returns. Then there...
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    News & Experiences continued

    I hoped to see my Canadian senior's $300 ********* bonus today. My OAS payment was deposited and I thought the ********* bonus would be included. But no. Now I wonder how it is going to be delivered? ETA Sorry, I forgot about substituting ***** for YKW. Corrected now.
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    What are you doing with your stimulus money?

    It was just announced that all Canadian seniors on Old Age Security will get $300. Those getting the supplement get another $200. All to the good. I don't need the money so will think I will donate it to a worthy cause. And since charity begins at home, and DD has lost half her income due...
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    Who would you choose to be quarantined with?

    You had me at Elladj. Definitely not Ashley, though.
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    Daily Gratitude Journal

    I am grateful that the dog groomer was open and had a spot for old Simon this afternoon. He was in desperate need of a bath and a trim. There is a decided improvement in the household atmosphere. Now if only I could work up the energy to do the same for myself.
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    News & Experiences continued

    I live in Victoria, right beside the ocean. Today has been very different from the previous 2 months. The sun was shining and it seemed as if everyone was outside. There was the normal amount of traffic on the streets, which had been empty for weeks. What was interesting was that people seem...
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    Things I’m sick of tbh.....

    I am sick of every question to the PTB during daily interviews being answered the same way. That is, "We are in this together, we must be there for each other, wash your hands," etc. Things we have all heard non-stop for 6 weeks. How about actually answering the question that was asked...
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    News & Experiences continued

    Please don't flush any kind of wipes. The sewer systems just get clogged.
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    Daily Gratitude Journal

    I am grateful for the fact that I am retired and have a reliable pension income. I don't have to worry about being laid off or losing my job. I have been retired for 15 years!!! so am totally accustomed to doing nothing all day. I am also an introvert, so lack of socializing is not a problem...
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    News & Experiences continued

    BCs Health Minister, Adrian Dix, pointed out yesterday that 3M imported a special soft pulp from Nanaimo's Harmac mill, from which it makes the N95 masks. He also said that BC was going to continue to allow the shipment of this pulp, even if we were not allowed to receive shipments of the...
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    ISU Cancels 2020 World Figure Skating Championships

    Just to be correct, it was the Province of Quebec that cancelled the Worlds. Health is a provincial responsibility so decisions are being made by each province. There is certainly federal input, but the announcements come from the provinces. Except for today's announcement forbidding cruise...
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    Hi, Karyn. Have you bought a ticket for Stars on Ice Victoria yet? I have a ticket available...

    Hi, Karyn. Have you bought a ticket for Stars on Ice Victoria yet? I have a ticket available because my daughter is going to something she will enjoy more. Crazy woman!
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    Montreal chosen as host for 2020 figure skating world championships

    I have a suggestion that will help. Use storage bags for the stuffies, the kind where you can attach a vacuum cleaner hose to a valve and suck out all the air. This will reduce the size of your stuffies to a minimum. When you get to your hotel room, open the bag and the stuffies will return...
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    Watching the early flowers bloom in Victoria

    Watching the early flowers bloom in Victoria
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    News and Experiences #Thread1

    I always get an upper respiratory infection on cruise ships because of the enclosed air circulation system. It is no wonder there are more victims every day, the people have no choice but to continue breathing contaminated air. The passengers should be removed from the ship ASAP before every...
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