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    Royalty Thread #11: Putting the "Fun" in Dysfunctional

    Not only are the media having trouble sorting out Victoria, Vancouver Island and Vancouver, but they have the Sussexes wearing beanies. If they bought them in Canada, those wool hats are called toques!
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    2021 Canadian championships to return to Vancouver

    well, that would be tempting.
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    What is the stupid recurring argument that you & your spouse keep having?

    Mr JB and I were married for 55 years. At the beginning we had a bunch of issues that kept surfacing, and were never resolved. We repeated the same points time after time, year after year, with neither one changing their ways. Eventually, when an issue arose again, I shortened the whole...
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    Royalty Thread #11: Putting the "Fun" in Dysfunctional

    If Meghan is flying into Victoria today she might have a problem. Many flights are cancelled due to heavy rain and winds.
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    Royalty Thread #10 -Archie Phase 2 - Bold and Bald Still

    Glad to see that George has been graduated to long trousers. Keeping him in shorts for so long seemed quite archaic.
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    Really, part deux

    I admire the stamina that both Lee and Gerry are showing during her prolonged illness and recovery. It really boggles my mind how you can both stay so positive under such circumstances. I wish you both a calm Christmas with your family at hand.
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    2019 PSOTY Male Grand Finale Poll

    How did I miss the final poll? I never got to vote! Pleased with the result, though. I guess you guys can manage without my input.
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    When is the right time to put puss to sleep?

    I have found that the animals let you know when it is time. They just quit. No input or output, and they don't move. But I do agree that it can be kinder to have them put to sleep before they reach a crisis stage. That is terrifying for the animal and upsetting for the owner. Besides...
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    Canadian Stars on Ice 2019

    Thanks, I will be able to record it.
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    Stars on Ice 2020

    Bought my presale tix yesterday. Hoping for some guest skaters that I really want to see. The one year when I didn't buy tickets was the year Shawn Sawyer was a last minute replacement. Very sorry to have missed him.
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    PSOTY 2019 Semifinal 3

    Nope! Much as I have admired Paul's assets for many years, I don't plan to change my vote. Sorry!
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    PSOTY 2019 Semifinal 3

    I take comfort in the fact that all 3 of my choices are going through to the final! Guess the old girl can still pick 'em!
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    PSOTY 2019 Semifinal 2

    Much as I like Trennnt, I get such a strong reminder of David Pelletier from him that I can't focus on Trennnt. Nothing negative about DP, he just overshadows Trennnt in every way IMHO. The fact that Queen Katya has taken DP as her consort is confirmation of my preference.
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    Stars on Ice 2020

    Is this the first year that SOI and CSOI have combined? It is sad that there will only be 2 U.S. Venues. Surely there is more interest in skating than that, or do the organizers require too much profit from each venue?
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    Stars on Ice 2020

    Wow. It would be great for Lubov and Charlie to do the SOI tour. They would have a great opportunity to meld as a team And get mileage on the routines.
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