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  • Yeah, as soon as I wrote that comment, I thought, oh yeah, she is always HOME, just working offensively and annoyingly from there. Less than 100 days now? :)

    I love all the political "discussions" where me and another poster have completely different paradigms, therefore in effect it's two monologues. So fruitful. :p

    A while ago you asked on Stéphane's AS forum about his fan groups. There are about 12 Americans who are members of an online Livejournal Stephane fan community who are traveling from around the USA to cheer for him at ATS LA. We are delighted to have a show this fabulous come to the U.S.

    We are not a large group like his Zebras, clochettes or Lambiel_ru, but we are bringing presents and flowers, hoping he won't be overwhelmed by the huge number American Yuna/Michelle fans.

    I'm familiar with you from AS, and I started an ATSLA thread there, so I thought I would sent a quick note letting you know a fan group exists, and we're traveling to LA. I don't know if Stephane would be interested in this, but we will all be at the rehearsal on Saturday with his gifts.

    Marni (Boston)
    Cant make it this year but a retreat is something i'd like to do at one point so be good to hear where you go and what you think of it. Done it before? Keep me posted re: London.
    Hi !

    I'm from Switzerland too, was looking at your profile and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

    Where are you from ? For my part, I'm from Vevey

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